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Tribunals Nominating Panel

The Tribunals Nominating Panel is responsible for nominating public members for City tribunals including the Administrative Penalty TribunalOpens in new window, Committee of AdjustmentOpens in new window, Compliance Audit CommitteeOpens in new window, Dangerous Dogs Review TribunalOpens in new window, Property Standards CommitteeOpens in new window, Rooming House Licensing Commissioner and Deputy CommissionerOpens in new window, Sign Variance CommitteeOpens in new window, Toronto Licensing TribunalOpens in new window, and Toronto Local Appeal BodyOpens in new window.


The Tribunals Nominating Panel will screen, interview, and recommend candidates to City Council for appointment to the Administrative Penalty Tribunal, Committee of Adjustment, Compliance Audit Committee, Dangerous Dogs Review Tribunal, Property Standards Committee, Rooming House Licensing Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, Sign Variance Committee, Toronto Licensing Tribunal, and Toronto Local Appeal Body.

Term of Office

The term of office for the Tribunals Nominating Panel will be 4 years and members serve until their successors are appointed. Terms of panel members will be staggered to support continuity. To establish this, some members will be appointed for a two year term when the panel is first created.


The Tribunals Nominating Panel is composed of up to nine public members appointed by City Council on recommendation of the City Clerk.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the general eligibility requirements set out in the Public Appointments Policy, members of the public must also satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

  • Cannot be a member of a land division committee, planning advisory committee member or a member of the OMB;
  • Cannot be a former member of City Council or the Committee of Adjustment who served in the immediately preceding term of Council;
  • Cannot act as agents for applicants or have an active application currently being considered before any City administrative tribunals;
  • Cannot be an owner, employee, or agent of an advertising, communications, or media relations agency or a business which owns, controls, or has shares in a media outlet;
  • Cannot be a City licence-holders or are engaged in the business of a corporate licence-holder.


In addition to the eligibility requirements set out above, the panel members should collectively represent expertise in the following skills and qualifications:

  • Proven level of achievement within the professional, academic, public or private sectors in the community, or in the broader public sector;
  • Demonstrated directorship and senior level experience with one or more large and complex organizations in one or more areas of: adjudication, mediation, planning law, land use planning, urban design, governance, economic development, community development, or the land development process;
  • Proven experience, knowledge, or training of issues dealt with by quasi-judicial administrative tribunals;
  • Strong understanding of the statutory, ethical, and community context within which the tribunals will operate;
  • Strong understanding of the concepts of natural justice and fairness;
  • A strong interest in the complexities and challenges of city building involving multiple interests under public scrutiny;
  • An understanding of the diverse neighbourhoods and communities of Toronto;
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment and discretion in dealing with confidential matters under relevant legislation such as the City of Toronto Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and an ability to handle matters of a sensitive nature;
  • A commitment to public service and to upholding a high standard of ethics, integrity, fairness, and objectivity with a respect for access to justice, diversity, and accommodation.

Time Commitment

Members will meet in panels of three. Panels will be required to meet as follows:

  • Screening and interviewing candidates to fill vacancies: 1-3 days per month
  • Orientation and training will be provided for appointed members and is expected to require up to 3 half-day meetings.


Panel members receive $250 per half-day and $500 per full day to a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year pro-rated on an annual basis from the time of appointment.

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City Council appointed nine new members to this panel at its March 2023 meeting. Applications are always being accepted for future vacancies.