Welcome to The Public Appointment Information System for the City of Toronto.

Recent Appointments

The following appointments were made in the last 30 days.

Film, Television and Digital Media Board 
Alistair Hepburn - Member 
Alma Parvizian - Member 
Caitlin O'Leary - Member 
Chris Hope - Member 
Christa Tazzeo Morson - Member 
Cynthia Lynch - Stakeholder Rep 
David Hardy - Member 
Geoff Grant - Member 
Hartley Gorenstein - Member 
Jaye Robinson - Councillor 
Jayson Mosek - Member 
Jennifer McKelvie - Councillor 
Jennifer Stewart - Member 
Jim Mirkopoulos - Member 
Jinder Oujla-Chalmers - Member 
Jonathan Ahee - Member 
Kenneth Rogers - Member 
Monty Montgomerie - Member 
Neishaw Ali - Stakeholder Rep 
Paula Fletcher - Chair 
Peter Apostolopoulos - Member 
Ramona Pringle - Member 
Samantha Traub - Member 
Victoria Harding - Member 
Warren Ross - Member 
Wendy Noss - Stakeholder Rep 
Lakeshore Arena 
Jack Lawrence - Member 
Nick Eaves - Tenant Rep 
Tyler Currie - Member 
Larry Grossman Forest Hill Memorial Arena 
Gary Cilevitz - Stakeholder Rep 
McCormick Playground Arena 
Heather Cunningham - Member 
Luis Silva - Member 
Monica Reddon - Member 
Paul Romain - Member 
Thomas Timmins - Member 
Rooming House Licensing Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner 
Alison Griggs - Commissioner 
Keith Cooper - Deputy Commissioner 
Sign Variance Committee 
Beate Bowron - Member 
Brian Huskins - Member 
Raj Bharati - Chair 
Toronto Parking Authority 
Allison Mendes - Member 
Brad Bradford - Councillor 
Cynthia Lai - Councillor 
Hartley Lefton - Chair 
Jeffrey Steiner - Member 
Maureen Farrow - Member 
Namby Vithiananthan - Member 
Waterfront Toronto 
Jack Winberg - Member 
Michael Galego - Member 
Wende Cartwright - Member