Upcoming Vacancies and Application Deadlines

What opportunities are available, and how can I apply?

The City of Toronto is always seeking skilled and experienced candidates to serve as directors on City boards, committees, and tribunals. You can apply any time and application deadlines for specific vacancies will be updated regularly as new opportunities arise.

What is the status of current public appointments?

All public members of City boards, committees, and tribunals continue to serve until successors are appointed, unless otherwise stated. Even if a term of office expires on November 14, 2022 or earlier, that member continues to serve until City Council makes a new appointment to that position.

When will recruitment begin for appointments in the 2022-2026 term of Council?

There will be a wide range public appointment opportunities available during the 2022 2026 term. Recruitment for these positions will begin in late December 2022, but you can apply at any time for the positions that interest you. Just click on the "Opportunities" tab above and follow the links to learn more and apply online.

How do I stay informed?

You can visit this page for updates, follow @TorontoCouncil on Twitter, or sign up for our e-updates list to receive public appointments news right in your inbox. You can also contact our office anytime at 416-397-0088 or appoint@toronto.ca with any questions.