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I have paid for my permit online and received it; however, I have now misplaced it. How do I obtain a replacement permit?
Arrangements can be made to issue a replacement on-street parking permit by calling:

Toronto City Hall 416-392-7873

A fee of $6.40 + tax will be required for the replacement permit.

My spouse has paid for our permit and I mistakenly paid for our permit online also. What can I do?
Please allow 36 hours after you have submitted your payment on-line so that staff can confirm the double payment. Once confirmed you will be issued a refund for the overpayment.

What if by mistake I renewed online under a wrong permit number?
Please call and speak to one of our staff at the City Hall Office, at 416-392-7873, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. Monday to Friday. Provide the staff with your payment confirmation number as this number is required to trace your payment. If you do not have your confirmation number you may need to contact your VISA/MasterCard/American Express office for the information.

What happens if I have renewed my on-street parking permit online and did not receive it on time?
Please expect to receive your on-street parking permit within a week of payment of your renewal. If however, you have not received your permit, arrangements can be made to issue a duplicate on-street parking permit by calling:

Toronto City Hall 416-392-7873

Can I renew my permit even though my vehicle licence plate is still registered out of province?
Yes you can. When you do change your vehicle to Ontario plates, you will then be required to return your current permit for replacement.

My new vehicle is registered commercial. Can I obtain an on-street parking permit for a commercial vehicle?
Provided the vehicle is your sole source of family transportation (you have no other vehicles in your possession) and is less than 5.2m in length and under 3000 kilograms gross registered vehicle weight, you may purchase a parking permit. Alternatively, the vehicle must be registered for personal use only. For more information on exceptions on commercial vehicles, please call:

Toronto City Hall 416-392-7873

I have not renewed my vehicle licence plate number with the Ministry of Transportation. Would I be able to still renew my permit?
No, it is suggested that you find other parking arrangements. A vehicle left on the street with no validation sticker is considered stored and it is in violation of the by-law. The vehicle is subject to tagging and towing.

I currently have the use of a vehicle owned by someone else/rental vehicle. Can I get a permit for this vehicle?
Yes you can provided that you are the primary driver of the vehicle and provide supporting documentation. Please call for more information:

Toronto City Hall 416-392-7873

Why is the online payment option restricted to renewing only and does not allow me to apply for a new permit nor does it allow me to renew a permit with a change of address/vehicle plate etc. through the Internet?
In order to apply for a new permit, you are required to provide a copy of your valid driver's licence, valid motor vehicle ownership, as well as, proof of residency. Similarly, in order to make any changes to your renewal address/vehicle plate etc., supportive documentation must be received by our office.

At this time, these changes can only be made by mail or in person at:

Toronto, City Hall
100 Queen Street West,
Main Floor, West Tower
Toronto, M5H 2N2
Tel: 416-392-7873

Can I renew a permit though the Internet for someone else and what do I need?
Yes you can renew the permit for someone else. You will require having their renewal permit number.

I am having guests at my house that will require a visitor's on-street parking permit. Can I obtain one through the Internet?
Yes. Temporary (guest/visitor) on-street parking permits can be purchased online.

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