Monica Forrester

Monica Forrester (She/Her) is a Trans/2Spirit women of colour living and work in communities services in Toronto for 23yrs. She has worked at The 519 Church Street Community to help create and co-facilitate Trans/2Spirit weekly drop in for low/ at risk community members. She was also the first Trans Peer Outreach Worker hired from the City of Toronto to do outreach to homeless/street active, racialized and marginalized Trans/2Spirit communities. Her work carried on into many other agencies engaging with people experiencing homelessness, addictions, HIV and persons experiencing mental health. She has sat on many boards and committees, in various capacities, including co-chairs and Vice President, to bring an inclusion to Trans/2Spirit people in various communities. Monica has also been a part of the LGBTQ2S+ Police Liaison committee from 2001-2004 to bring representation to most vulnerable community members in the Trans/2Spirit Communities. In 2002 she worked with the City of Toronto to do needs assessment on the accessibility of Trans/2Spirit people access shelters and city run drop in. In 2004 Monica founded Trans Pride Toronto, Transitioning Together non-profit to support Trans/2Spirit folks through outreach, drop in, advocacy and peer counselling. She also facilitate training for service providers on the inclusion/accessibility of Trans/2S people accessing their spaces.

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