Climate Advisory Group

The Climate Advisory Group will provide a forum for organizations and individuals with diverse perspectives to advise City staff and leadership on how to achieve climate and environmental objectives. Climate Advisory Group members will act as advisors, champions for climate action and reviewers of policies, programs and initiatives designed to implement the City's TransformTO Net Zero StrategyOpens in new window

The City’s TransformTO Net Zero Strategy outlines a pathway to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto community-wide by 2040, as well as ambitious interim targets, while enhancing health, equity, prosperity and resilience. The Strategy was adopted by Toronto City Council in December, 2021.

The Climate Advisory Group will provide advice to the Executive Director of Environment and Climate and be supported and facilitated by the City's Environment & Energy Division. The CAG will not have a reporting relationship with City Council.


CAG members are expected to:

  • Act as advisors to the City on effective implementation of the TransformTO Net Zero StrategyOpens in new windowand the Short-term Implementation Plan 2022-2025,Opens in new window, with a focus on community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, climate resilience and equity;
  • Review proposed TransformTO Net Zero Strategy implementation policies and programs presented by the City and provide advice;
  • Review and provide advice on the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy Short-term Implementation Plan 2026-2030 in advance of the Plan's consideration by the City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee in 2025;
  • Share information with, lead and mobilize their respective communities and sectors to move quickly toward GHG emission reductions, climate resilience and equity goals;
  • Identify emerging issues and topics for discussion; and
  • Ensure diverse perspectives are considered and discussed.

Term of membership

Climate Advisory Group members will be appointed for a term of just over three years, ending December 31, 2025.

This term is set to coincide with implementation of the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy Short-term Implementation Plan 2022-2025. Climate Advisory Group Members may be reappointed for up to two additional 2.5-year terms.


It is estimated that the Climate Advisory Group will have approximately 20 members. The Climate Advisory Group will be comprised of representatives of organizations and individuals, representing both professional and personal, lived experience with climate issues. The Group will include members representing the sectors with the greatest emission-reduction potential in the coming years, and members able to mobilize communities to help meet Toronto's 2030 community-wide interim targets. The Group will include representation from Indigenous communities, youth and equity-deserving groups such as the Black community.


Each member should bring some of the following skills and experience to the Climate Advisory Group:

  • Understanding, skills, expert knowledge or experience with a sector that emits greenhouse gases in Toronto;
  • Personal, lived experience with climate-related issues at the community level;
  • Knowledge of emerging issues and trends in one or more areas of greenhouse gas emission reduction, climate resilience or climate action;
  • A climate champion mindset and a desire to inform and mobilize sectors and communities to collectively achieve a future Toronto that is zero-carbon, equitable, healthy, prosperous and resilient; and
  • An ability to assist the City in ensuring that the interests and needs of Toronto's diverse communities are reflected in City programs and service delivery.


The Climate Advisory Group will be led by two Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs will be appointed or elected by the Climate Advisory Group members at the first meeting.

Time commitment and meetings

The Climate Advisory Group will meet a minimum of every three months, or approximately four times a year. Climate Advisory Group members are expected to actively participate in all meetings. This may involve reviewing documents or reports between meetings.

Climate Advisory Group members may also choose to participate in smaller working groups within the Climate Advisory Group, as necessary. Overall, members should anticipate a variable time commitment of approximately 5-10 hours per three-month period.

Each meeting time and location will be determined in coordination with the Climate Advisory Group members to ensure maximum availability and participation. In-person meetings will be held in fully accessible facilities located on major transit lines. Meetings will be designed to comply with all Toronto Public Health guidelines at the time of the meeting. This could include in-person, hybrid and/or virtual meetings.

Remuneration & support

Membership in the Climate Advisory Group is voluntary and a public service. CAG members will be offered an honorarium of $125 per meeting attended. Honoraria are not intended for members who serve on the Climate Advisory Group as representatives of organizations or businesses where they are employed.

Support will be made available to all members in order to reduce barriers to participation. Support may include compensation for care of children or other dependents during meetings, transportation cost reimbursement, translation, accessibility support, as well as cultural and other support.

Contact Information

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