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Community Preservation Panels

The City of Toronto's Heritage Planning team needs volunteers to participate on its Community Preservation Panels. With your participation the Panels, along with the Toronto Preservation BoardOpens in new window, help City Council make informed decisions about the conservation of the city’s heritage buildings and sites. Joining a Community Preservation Panel is an opportunity to meet new people who value Toronto’s history and have input into heritage issues that will affect Toronto now, and for decades to come. There is one Preservation Panel for each Community Council district. Panel members provide advice on a range of issues in their communities and throughout the city.


Each Community Preservation Panel may:

  • Recommend properties within the local community which should be considered by the Toronto Preservation Board for inclusion on the City of Toronto's Heritage Register
  • Monitor heritage properties that are considered at risk
  • Promote neighbourhood heritage and history through public awareness and promotion of heritage issues in co-operation with other heritage groups
  • Report to the Toronto Preservation Board
  • Attend and participate in all Panel meetings
  • Attend and participate in any working groups, as required

Panel size and composition

The Community Preservation Panels each consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum 15 members of the public. One panel is established for each Community Council district:

  • Etobicoke York Community Council
  • North York Community Council
  • Scarborough Community Council
  • Toronto and East York Community Council

Term of Office

Members of the Community Preservation Panels are typically appointed for up to four years, though term length is not defined in the Municipal Code chapterOpens in new window which governs these panels. Panel members can hold office for a maximum of two consecutive terms.


In addition to the general eligibility requirements set out in the Public Appointments Policy, members should collectively possess skills in or have an interest in:

  • Local history
  • Heritage research
  • Architecture
  • Planning and engineering
  • Other knowledge that will assist the Panels in their responsibilities


The Community Preservation Panels will meet up to 6 times each year and at the request of a majority of the members of the Panel or at the call of the Chair. Membership is voluntary and a public service. Members do not receive remuneration or an honorarium.

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City Council appointed new members to the Etobicoke York, North York, and Scarborough Panels at its May 2022 meeting. New applications are always being accepted for future vacancies.