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Tenant Advisory Committee on the Preservation of Affordable Rental Housing

In December 2019, City Council approved the HousingTO 2020-2030 Action PlanOpens in new window("HousingTO Plan") which includes a number of action items to address the housing needs of residents across the full housing continuum. The HousingTO Plan, through Action 36 directed staff to, "establish a Tenant Advisory Committee ("TAC") to provide advice and guidance to the City on proactive actions to support residents living in vulnerable circumstances and to make recommendations on measures to provide tenant supports."

Membership Composition

The Tenant Advisory Committee was established in 2021 and is composed of 12 representatives of: people with lived experience (PWLE), tenant advocates, tenant associations, tenant advocacy groups, legal clinics, the academic/research sector, the Indigenous community, and equity-seeking groups and vulnerable populationsOpens in new window across the City of Toronto.

Of the 12 members, 6 positions are standing memberships that represent an organization and/or will represent the following sector group(s):

  1. Canadian Centre for Housing Rights
  2. Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations
  3. Toronto ACORN
  4. Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
  5. Academic Sector Representative
  6. Legal Clinic Representative

The TAC is supported by a team of City staff and led by the City of Toronto's Housing Secretariat.

As a number of membership terms have ended, the Housing Secretariat is looking to fill 5 vacant positions in the 2022 recruitment cycle.

Apply to join the Tenant Advisory Committee (TAC) to shape the City's actions to protect existing affordable rental housing and to advance the HousingTO 2020-2030 Action PlanOpens in new window.Share your experience to help shape and inform the policies and programs implemented by the City.


The Tenant Advisory Committee will work with City staff to develop annual work plans to advance the protection of affordable rental housing and tenancies. The Committee will provide advice on policy and program development with the end goal of preserving affordable rental housing in Toronto.

All City divisions developing renter-related services, policies, programs or consultations will engage with the Tenant Advisory Committee and gain their input before finalizing details.

Term of Membership

The term of the membership for non-standing members will be two calendar years, starting January 1, 2023.


Members will be assessed based on the following criteria/experience:

  • Lived or professional experience and knowledge of working on tenancy issues such as evictions, above guideline rent increases (AGIs), rental affordability, unit condition issues and property standards
  • Lived or professional experience advocating for tenant rights and knowledge on Landlord and Tenant Board processes
  • Ability to work with diverse groups and as part of a team
  • Lived or professional experience working with the Indigenous community and/or strong knowledge of urban First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities
  • Lived or professional experience working with equity-seeking groups and vulnerable populationsOpens in new window

Time Commitment

TAC will meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month outside of business hours (i.e. evening). All meetings will be held virtually and for two hour periods.


Honorarium payments will be provided to those public members who are not paid employees of an organization or business they are representing as a member of the Tenant Advisory Committee. Eligible members will receive an honorarium of $50 for any meeting 3 hours or less and $100 for a full day session.

For More Information

If you have any questions about this Committee, please contact Leslie Jardine at leslie.jardine@toronto.ca.


The current and historical Appointments for this body.

Apply now

Apply by October 31, 2022 if you are interested in being part of this committee.