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Exhibition Place

Exhibition Place is an iconic City landmark serving as Canada's largest entertainment venue, a major convention centre, an urban parkland enjoyed by Toronto's residents and visitors and a multi-faceted professional sports destination. Attracting over 5.5 million visitors a year, Exhibition Place represents a true "Gathering Place" for residents of the City and Province, as well as national and international visitors to the region.

Exhibition Place, under the direction of the board of governors, is responsible for the general management and operation of the 192-acre site, promotion of new business opportunities on the grounds, and stewardardship of the greenspace, heritage buildings and public art. The annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)Opens in new window, one of the largest annual fairs in North America, is planned and managed by the Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA), but occupies the entire Exhibition Place site during August each year and contracts many services from the Board of Governors in accordance with the 2017 Master Agreement between Exhibition Place, the City and the CNEA.

Board responsibilities

The board:

  • works with Exhibition Place staff to develop strategic plans, goals and policies for the grounds and ensures that these plans are efficiently implemented
  • considers matters relevant to the management and delivery of quality service to the public and clients in a profit-oriented operation
  • oversees the annual operating expenditures and capital budget

Board size and composition

The Board of Governors consists of 9 members and is composed of:

  • the Mayor or the Mayor's designate appointed by City Council
  • 4 members of Council
  • 4 members of the public

Chair and vice chair

City Council appoints the chair of the board. The board elects a vice chair from amongst its members.

Term of office

The term of office for public members of the board is four years.


In addition to the general eligibility requirements set out in the Public Appointments Policy, public members of the board should collectively demonstrate a range of qualifications including:

  • experience or interest in strategic planning
  • specific expertise in one of the following areas: property management and development, finance, marketing, legal, public relations and communications, public/private enterprises, and human resources
  • ability to devote time required for board meetings and for pre-meeting study and review of agenda and supporting material
  • keen interest in and knowledge of trade and consumer show management and/or events management/entertainment industry
  • a youthful perspective, defined as an individual in the 18-30 age range, is a desired qualification for at least one citizen member


The board meets approximately 6 times a year or at the call of the chair.


No remuneration is paid to board members.

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Thank you for your interest. City Council appointed 2 public members to the Board at its December 2023 meeting. Applications are always being accepted for future vacancies and will be kept on file for two years from the date submitted.