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CreateTO (formerly the Toronto Realty Agency Board) is a City board, established under the City of Toronto Act, 2006Opens in new window, that is responsible for managing the City’s real estate portfolio, developing City buildings and lands for municipal purposes, and delivering client-focused real estate solutions to City divisions, agencies, and corporations.

Board responsibilities

The board is responsible for overseeing the strategic vision and managing the business and affairs of CreateTO and holding corporation(s). In addition, the Chair is responsible for ensuring that meetings are effective, that decisions are consistent with the board's mandate, and that the board meets its accountability requirementsOpens in new window; preparing an annual performance report to City Council for approval by the board; and coordinating operational activities of the board, including liaising with the City Clerk's Office and the Chief Corporate Officer, as required.

Board size and composition

The board consists of 8 members composed of:

  • 6 public members, one of whom will serve as Chair
  • The Mayor or designate appointed by the Mayor
  • 1 Member of Council

Term of office

The term of office for public members is four years.

Eligibility requirements

In addition to the eligibility requirements set out in the City's Public Appointments PolicyOpens in new window, the board's public members must satisfy the following additional eligibility requirements:

  • Cannot be a supplier of goods or services to the City of Toronto;
  • Cannot have an employment or an interest in an organization that is involved in a real estate transaction with the City of Toronto; and/or
  • Cannot be involved in litigation with the City of Toronto.


Public members should collectively have the following skills, experience, and expertise:

  • Executive level experience in a major public, private, or not-for-profit organization;
  • Senior level experience and professional skills in real estate, property development, urban planning, facilities management, investment industry, infrastructure delivery, community development, economic development, brownfield remediation, or environmental sustainability;
  • Experience in large-scale transformative change and implementing complex business strategies;
  • Post-graduate degree preferred in any one of the following fields: finance, business, economics, risk management, accounting, public administration, urban planning, engineering, or law; and/or
  • A certificate in board governance or training in a related field, such as director's education, is preferred.

In addition to the above qualifications for public members, the Chair should have the following skills, experience, and expertise:

  • Leadership and administrative skills;
  • Highly-developed chairing and facilitation skills; and
  • The ability to effectively represent the board and communicate with City Council, City Committees, City staff, the media, and the public.

The Chair will need to be an effective leader and will be required to demonstrate additional expertise and skills in order to perform this role effectively, including well-developed leadership and administrative skills.


The board will meet approximately eight to ten times per year, or at the call of the Chair, on weekdays, during business hours.


The board's Chair and public members will receive the following remuneration:

  • Chair: The board's Chair will receive an annual retainer of $50,000 and $500 per meeting, to a maximum of $70,000 in total annually.
  • Public members: The board's public members will receive an annual retainer of $10,000 and $500 per meeting, to a maximum of $20,000 in total annually.

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Thank you for your interest. City Council appointed 1 new public member to the CreateTO Board at its March meeting. Applications are always being accepted for future vacancies and will be kept on file for two years from the date submitted.