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Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee provides advice to City Council on the elimination of barriers faced by people with disabilities and acts as a liaison with external bodies on barriers to participation in public life and to the achievement of social, cultural and economic well-being of people with disabilities. The committee also provides advice to City Council about the requirements and implementation of accessibility standards and the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of accessibility reports as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).


Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Review the agenda and any accompanying materials
  • Attend and participate in all committee meetings
  • Attend and participate in any working groups, as required
  • Advise on strategies and actions required to achieve the City's access, equity and human rights objectives
  • Advise on the implementation of Council's policies regarding access, equity and human rights

Term of office

Public members are appointed for a four-year term, coinciding with the term of City Council and serve until their successors are appointed.

Committee size and composition

The committee is composed of 12 members of the public and up to three members of City Council. This includes 2 youth members, between the ages of 18 and 29, and 2 elder members, who self-identify and represent the wisdom of their communities. A majority of the members of the committee will be persons with disabilities, as defined by the Accessibility for Ontarians Disabilities Act, and should reflect the diversity of Toronto's population.

Chair and vice chair

The chair is a Member of City Council and, at its first meeting or as soon as possible after, the committee will elect two vice chairs.


In addition to the general eligibility requirements set out in the Public Appointments Policy, members should collectively bring the following skills and expertise to the committee:

  • A strong interest in equity and inclusion of people with disabilities
  • A strong understanding of the needs and concerns of a broad spectrum of people with disabilities and seniors, gained through personal or professional experience
  • Knowledge of accessibility as it relates to one or more areas of: policy and procedure, service planning and delivery, employment, built environment and public spaces, accommodation
  • Experience in decision-making, communication, citizen advocacy
  • Availability to participate in meetings during business hours


The advisory committee meets six times per year. Meetings take place during business hours and the duration of meetings is approximately 2.5 hours.

Disability-related accommodation and supports are provided upon request. Notification in advance is required.


  • Public members of the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee receive an honorarium of $125 per meeting attended, to the maximum number of meetings specified in the Terms of Reference for this advisory body.
  • Honoraria are not intended for members who serve on the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee as representatives of organizations or businesses where they are employed.

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13 Vacancy

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On May 10, City Council confirmed the appointment of twelve members to the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee. Applications are always being accepted for future vacancies and will be kept on file for two years from the date submitted.