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Toronto Parking Authority

The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) is a City board that operates municipal off-street parking facilities and on-street metered parking in the City of Toronto. The TPA manages 19,000 on-street parking spaces and 21,000 off-street parking spaces and provides access to 3,750 bicycles across the City of Toronto. It generates annual gross revenues of over $160 million.

25% of the net income generated TPA is retained by the TPA to fund its capital development program and the remaining 75% is transferred to the City of Toronto.

The TPA is governed by Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 179, Parking AuthorityOpens in new window.

Board Responsibilities

The board is responsible for supervising the TPA's business and affairs, including overseeing the implementation of corporate strategy by management and the investment of capital reserves.


The Toronto Parking Authority is composed of:

  • 2 members of Council
  • 5 public members

Chair and Vice Chair

City Council appoints the board's chair, and the board elects a vice chair from among its members.

Term of Office

The term of office for public members is four years. Public appointees serve until successors are appointed.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for appointment to the board, public members must meet the eligibility requirements in the City's Public Appointments Policy including:

  • Must be a resident of the city of Toronto;
  • Must be at least 18 years old;
  • Cannot be a spouse, partner, child or parent of a Member of Toronto City Council;
  • Cannot be a City employee or an employee of a City agency or corporation.


Public members appointed to the TPA Board should collectively demonstrate a range of qualifications including:

  • previous board governance experience
  • a sound financial and administrative background, including experience in real estate joint ventures
  • a sound background in human resources and union-related matters
  • a clear understanding of land use and transportation planning
  • an understanding of commercial enterprises, including marketing and advertising
  • understanding of public service objectives and operations
  • commercial sensitivity and acumen

Meetings & Time Commitment

The board meets monthly or at the chair's request. Meetings are held at City Hall during weekday hours and are open to the public. The board may also form committees which meet separately from the board. The meeting schedule, agendas, and reports are available onlineOpens in new window.


The chair receives an annual retainer of $10,000. Public board members receive $500 for attending board or committee meetings to a maximum of $7,500 per year.

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Thank you for your interest. City Council appointed 3 public members to the Board at its February meeting. Applications are always being accepted for future vacancies and will be kept on file for two years from the date submitted.