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Film, Television and Digital Media Board

The Film, Television and Digital Media Board provides advice to City Council on ways to strengthen and grow the film, television and commercial production industry to ensure the competitiveness and the viability of the sector.

Board responsibilities

The Board:

  • provides recommendations and advice to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of Toronto for the film, television and commercial production industry
  • seeks input from the broader industry to provide coherent advice to City Council on issues and opportunities for the sector
  • monitors and tracks marketing strategies that could be used to attract new or return film, television, and commercial production business to Toronto


The Film, Television and Digital Media Board is composed of:

  • 20 members of the public
  • the Managing Director or designate of Film Ontario
  • the President or designate of the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario
  • the designate from Motion Picture Association Canada
  • three members of City Council

Chair and co-chair

The chair will be a member of City Council, appointed by City Council and the committee will elect a member of the public as co-chair.

Term of office

Public members are appointed for a four-year term, coinciding with the term of City Council.


Public members appointed to the Film, Television and Digital Media Board sit as individuals, unless appointed as representatives of specific organizations, and should have experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Production and post-production
  • Studios
  • Artist associations
  • Unions and Guilds
  • Marketing and promotional firms
  • Communications, media and content deliverers
  • Digital Media
  • Educational and training institutions
  • Suppliers
  • Financiers and funders
  • Copyright owners
  • Support services (e.g. legal, financial, accounting, physical and technical infrastructure companies)
  • Partners (e.g. local business, film festivals)


Meetings are held quarterly at the call of the Chair, or more frequently if required.


No remuneration is paid to board members. Certain expenses may be reimbursed in accordance with the City's Remuneration Policy.

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City Council appointed 23 members to the Film Board on June 18-19, 2019. Applications for future vacancies are always being accepted.