Item - 2024.MM17.3

Tracking Status

  • This item was withdrawn from the agenda of City Council on April 17, 2024. No further action will be taken on this item.

MM17.3 - Cancellation of the Vacant Home Tax Program - by Councillor Vincent Crisanti, seconded by Councillor Stephen Holyday

Decision Type:

City Council Decision

Item MM17.1 was ruled redundant by the Speaker at City Council on April 17 and 18, 2024.

Background Information (City Council)

Communications (City Council)

(April 13, 2024) E-mail from Patricia Viera (MM.Supp)

Rulings (City Council)

Ruling by Speaker Frances Nunziata
Speaker Nunziata ruled Member Motion MM17.3 redundant once Council completed consideration of Item CC17.1.

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