Item - 2024.IA16.1

Tracking Status

  • This item was withdrawn from the agenda of City Council on March 20, 2024. No further action will be taken on this item.

IA16.1 - New Linear Park for Scarborough in Review

Decision Type:

City Council Decision

Item IA16.1 was ruled redundant by the Speaker at City Council on March 20 and 21, 2024.

Background Information (City Council)

(February 12, 2024) Administrative Inquiry from Councillor Paul Ainslie on New Linear Park for Scarborough in Review
(March 14, 2024) Answer from the City Manager Regarding New Linear Park for Scarborough in Review (IA16.1a)

Communications (City Council)

(March 18, 2024) E-mail from Amanda O’Rourke (IA.Supp)
(March 19, 2024) Letter from Rhoda Potter President & Executive, Agincourt Village Community Association (IA.New)
(March 20, 2024) Letter from Larry Whatmore, President, Scarborough Community Renewal Organization (IA.New)

Rulings (City Council)

Ruling by Speaker Frances Nunziata
Speaker Nunziata made the following ruling:

Members, there are two Member Motions on our agenda today—MM16.7 and MM16.29—that relate to the same subject matter as this Administrative Inquiry. In order to keep the related information together, I would ask the City Clerk to post the City Manager’s response as a communication on each of these two items. Council will have an opportunity to consider this matter tomorrow, during its review of the Member Motions.

As a result, I am ruling Administrative Inquiry 16.1 redundant, as the matter will be considered by Council later in the meeting.

Source: Toronto City Clerk at