Item - 2023.MM7.21

Tracking Status

  • This item was withdrawn from the agenda of City Council on June 14, 2023. No further action will be taken on this item.

MM7.21 - Reconfiguration and Additional Improvements to the Modular Housing at 175 Cummer Avenue - by Councillor Lily Cheng, seconded by Councillor James Pasternak

Decision Type:
18 - Willowdale

City Council Decision

Item MM7.21 was withdrawn at City Council on June 14 and 15, 2023.

Background Information (City Council)

Member Motion MM7.21
Attachment 1 - 175 Cummer Avenue Site Placement
Attachment 2 - Letter from Councillor Lily Cheng
Attachment 3 - Written Deputations from Willowdale Manor Senior Residents at 175 Cummer Avenue
Attachment 4 - Summary of Information Regarding 175 Cummer Avenue Received by Councillor Cheng from Office of the Housing Secretariat
Attachment 5 - Site Plan for 175 Cummer Avenue
Attachment 6 - Article by Victoria Di Felice on Health Benefits of Green Outdoor Spaces for Seniors dated March 2022
Attachment 7 - Report from the Wellesley Institute and Canadian Mental Health Association on Toronto Supportive Housing Growth Plan: Needs Assessment dated March 2022
Attachment 8 - Deputation from former Councillor John Filion to Protect Greenspace for the Seniors dated May 7, 1997
Attachment 9 - Letter from former Councillor John Filion to a Willowdale resident about the use of 175 Cummer Avenue dated June 5, 1997

Communications (City Council)

(June 11, 2023) E-mail from Mary-Ellen Vitale.pdf (MM.Supp)
(June 12, 2023) E-mail from Tony Timachy (MM.Supp)
(June 12, 2023) E-mail from Anil Bhatia.pdf (MM.Supp)
(June 12, 2023) Letter from Mark J. Richardson, Technical Lead, (MM.Supp)
(June 12, 2023) E-mail from Philip Leung (MM.Supp)
(June 12, 2023) E-mail from Joanna Gorka (MM.Supp)
(June 12, 2023) E-mail from Stas Medynsky (MM.Supp)
(June 13, 2023) Letter from Colleen Bailey and Alena Parkinson, More Neighbours Toronto (MM.Supp)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Stephanie Lee (MM.Supp)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Vicky Sanderson (MM.Supp)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from John Melinte (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Lana Blachford (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Rob Sethi (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Arlene Viana (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from John Zhu (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Natasha Mansouri (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from John Tsui (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Taban Isfahaninejad (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Anne Brooke and Doug Murray (MM.New)
(June 13, 2023) E-mail from Reza Isfahaninejad (MM.New)
(June 14, 2023) E-mail from Anthony Moscrop (MM.New)
(June 14, 2023) E-mail from Jeff Horodyski (MM.New)
(June 14, 2023) E-mail from Joy Connelly (MM.New)
(June 14, 2023) E-mail from Patrick Hall (MM.New)
(June 14, 2023) E-mail from Tom T (MM.New)
(June 14, 2023) E-mail from Jim Hedger (MM.New)
(June 15, 2023) Letter from Ambalika Roy, Coordinator, Right to Housing Toronto (R2HTO) (MM.New)
(June 15, 2023) Letter from Nathan Gomes, President, Bayview Cummer Neighbourhood Association (MM.New)
(June 15, 2023) E-mail from John Tsui (MM.New)

Motions (City Council)

Motion to Withdraw a Motion moved by Councillor Lily Cheng (Carried)

That Councillor Lily Cheng be permitted to withdraw Member Motion MM7.21.

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