Item - 2023.MM6.17

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  • City Council adopted this item on May 10, 2023 without amendments.

MM6.17 - Reducing Toronto Transit Commission Vehicle Delays for Streetcar and RapidTO Routes - by Councillor Chris Moise, seconded by Councillor Jon Burnside


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Councillor Chris Moise, seconded by Councillor Jon Burnside, recommends that:


1. City Council direct the General Manager, Transportation Services , in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission, to review opportunities to introduce or extend left turn prohibitions at appropriate intersections, or alternatively introduce advanced exclusive left turn phases at signalized intersections, in order to reduce the delays to streetcar and RapidTO services, and report back by the fourth quarter of 2023.

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(May 6, 2023) E-mail from George Bell (MM.Supp)
(May 8, 2023) Letter from Alison Stewart, Interim Co-Executive Director, Advocacy and Public Policy Cycle Toronto (MM.Supp)
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