Item - 2023.MM12.28

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  • City Council adopted this item on November 8, 2023 without amendments.

MM12.28 - Hate Speech and Other Hate Activities - by Councillor James Pasternak, seconded by Councillor Dianne Saxe

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City Council Decision

City Council on November 8 and 9, 2023, adopted the following:


1. City Council express its concern related to the substantial upsurge of hate speech on city property and other public places in Toronto, and City Council request the Toronto Police Services Board to request the Toronto Police Service and the Attorney General to consult about what steps can be taken quickly to protect the public from such hate speech, including anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, or any other forms of hatred contrary to the Criminal Code and to consider all legal tools available to assist in taking action against these groups.

Background Information (City Council)

Motions (City Council)

Motion to Introduce Motion without Notice moved by Councillor James Pasternak (Carried)

That Councillor James Pasternak be permitted to add to the agenda of today's meeting an urgent Motion without Notice concerning:


Hate Speech and Other Hate Activities


Reason for Urgency:


Rapidly changing world events has resulted in an increasingly volatile situation on Toronto streets and public spaces in which protests are creating deep concern about public safety and social cohesion.

Motion to Adopt Item (Carried)
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