Item - 2023.MM11.36

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  • This item was considered by City Council on October 11, 2023 and was not adopted.

MM11.36 - Mechanical Vacuum Leaf Collection Program - by Councillor Stephen Holyday, seconded by Councillor Brad Bradford

Decision Type:
Not Adopted

City Council Decision

City Council on October 11 and 12, 2023, did not adopt Motion MM11.36.


Background Information (City Council)

Motions (City Council)

Motion to Introduce Motion without Notice moved by Councillor Stephen Holyday (Carried)

That Councillor Stephen Holyday be permitted to add to the agenda of today's meeting an urgent Motion without Notice concerning:


Mechanical Vacuum Leaf Collection Program


Reason for Urgency:



This notice is urgent because sufficient time is needed for the staff to plan a 2024 program. In light of the Speaker's ruling on October 11, 2023 to allow the placement of a motion regarding future budgets, a motion of this type to may now be considered in order.

Motion to Adopt Item (Lost)

Vote (Adopt Item) Oct-12-2023 2:49 PM

Result: Lost Majority Required - MM11.36 - Adopt the item
Total members that voted Yes: 8 Members that voted Yes are Brad Bradford, Lily Cheng, Vincent Crisanti, Paula Fletcher, Stephen Holyday, Nick Mantas, Frances Nunziata (Chair), Anthony Perruzza
Total members that voted No: 13 Members that voted No are Paul Ainslie, Jon Burnside, Shelley Carroll, Olivia Chow, Mike Colle, Josh Matlow, Jennifer McKelvie, Chris Moise, Amber Morley, Jamaal Myers, James Pasternak, Gord Perks, Dianne Saxe
Total members that were Absent: 4 Members that were absent are Alejandra Bravo, Ausma Malik, Jaye Robinson, Michael Thompson
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