Item - 2023.IE5.4

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IE5.4 - Parkside Drive Study Update

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4 - Parkdale - High Park

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Infrastructure and Environment Committee:


1. Received the report (June 14, 2023) from the General Manager, Transportation Services for information.


(June 14, 2023) Report from the General Manager, Transportation Services


Parkside Drive is a major arterial road that serves as the eastern boundary of High Park and provides multi-modal connections to key destinations in the City with residential frontage on the east side.


As directed by Council in November 2021, the Parkside Drive Study was initiated to explore possible design changes that could improve safety and mobility along the corridor with a focus on people walking, cycling and other vulnerable road users, as a companion to the High Park Movement Strategy. Over the last 18 months, Transportation Services has made several improvements to the roadway to manage vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian mobility.


The High Park Movement Strategy was adopted by City Council on May 9, 10 and 11, 2023. This report provides an update on the Parkside Drive Study including the vision for the corridor, public engagement plans, and improvements delivered to date.

Background Information

(June 14, 2023) Report and Attachments 1 - 4 from the General Manager, Transportation Services on Parkside Drive Study Update


(June 21, 2023) E-mail from Yukon Danov (IE.Supp)
(June 22, 2023) E-mail from Irema Wimmer (IE.Supp)
(June 22, 2023) E-mail from Kevin Taylor (IE.Supp)
(June 22, 2023) E-mail from Laura Turner (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) Presentation from Faraz Gholizadeh on behalf of Safe Parkside (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Maria Sheppard (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Blaine Welch (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Susan Foster (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) Letter from Alison Stewart on behalf of Cycle Toronto (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from James Brown (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Michelle Gholizadeh (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Jessica Olivier (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Leo Danzker (IE.Supp)
(June 27, 2023) Letter from Faraz Gholizadeh on behalf of Safe Parkside (IE.Supp)
(June 27, 2023) E-mail from Hamish Wilson (IE.Supp)
(June 27, 2023) Letter from Robert Zaichkowski, Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition (IE.Supp)
(June 27, 2023) E-mail from Ingrid Buday (IE.Supp)
(June 27, 2023) E-mail from Adam Rodgers (IE.Supp)
(June 26, 2023) E-mail from Trevor Mongal (IE.Supp)
(June 28, 2023) E-mail from Kevin Taylor (IE.New)
(June 28, 2023) E-mail from Kevin Taylor (IE.New)


Alison Stewart, Cycle Toronto


Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Amber Morley (Carried)
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