Item - 2023.IE2.5

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IE2.5 - Regarding the Gardiner East Project

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Committee Decision

The Infrastructure and Environment Committee received the Item, for information.

Decision Advice and Other Information

The General Manager, Transportation Services and the Director, Waterfront Secretariat gave a presentation on Gardiner East EA - Administrative Inquiry.


(March 6, 2023) Letter from City Council


Councillor Josh Matlow has submitted the following Administrative Inquiry:


I am submitting this administrative inquiry under Municipal Code Section 27-7.11 to seek information regarding the status of the Gardiner East “hybrid” construction project.


A February 2016 Staff Report estimated the lifecycle cost of the Hybrid 3 option (which was ultimately chosen by Council) for the Gardiner East rebuild to be $1.053 billion in

2013 dollars ($1.31 billion in 2022 dollars).


Question 1: What is the updated cost estimate for the Gardiner East Hybrid 3 option?


An October 19, 2022 CP24 article included a statement from a City spokesperson confirming that only $500 million in contracts have been committed to the Gardiner East project. The spokesperson also confirmed that the design has not been finished, no contracts have been awarded for the easternmost portion of the project, and that construction is not scheduled to start until 2026. 


Question 2: Is the $500 million figure regarding contracts awarded for the Gardiner East rebuild cited in the CP24 article still accurate?

Background Information

(March 6, 2023) Letter from City Council - Regarding the Gardiner East Project
(February 6, 2023) An Answer from the City Manager - Administrative Inquiry Regarding the Gardiner East Project
(January 27, 2023) Letter from Councillor Josh Matlow - Administrative Inquiry Regarding the Gardiner East Project
(March 20, 2023) Presentation on Gardiner East EA - Administrative Inquiry


(March 13, 2023) Memo from Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie (IE.Main)
(March 13, 2023) Submission from Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie (IE.Main)
(March 13, 2023) E-mail from Doug Pritchard (IE.Main)
(March 14, 2023) Letter from Laura Lindberg (IE.Main)
(March 14, 2023) E-mail from Angela Bischoff (IE.Main)
(March 14, 2023) E-mail from Dana Snell (IE.Main)
(March 14, 2023) E-mail from Dawn Pearson (IE.Main)
(March 14, 2023) E-mail from David Burman (IE.Main)
(March 14, 2023) E-mail from Mary Lou Jorgensen-Bacher (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Jacinta McDonnell (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Nancy Beiman (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Marilyn McKim (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Catherine Oliver (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Naomi Miller (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Carol Essex (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Michael Black (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Diana Gibbs (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Cathy Lacroix (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Kate Chung (IE.Main)
(March 15, 2023) E-mail from Valerie Endicott (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Elaine Miller (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) Letter from Albert Koehl on behalf of Gardiner East Transparency (GET) (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Jacques Charbin (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Anne Fleming (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from John Stephenson (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Murray & Linda Lumley (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Boyd Reimer (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Jeffrey Levitt (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Ruth Allen (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Laura McGrath (IE.Main)
(March 16, 2023) E-mail from Gideon Forman (IE.Main)
(March 17, 2023) Letter from Sharon Bider (IE.Main)
(March 17, 2023) E-mail from Mary Blake Rose (IE.Main)
(March 17, 2023) E-mail from John Gibb (IE.Main)
(March 17, 2023) E-mail from Ted Mann (IE.Main)
(March 17, 2023) Letter from Donna-Marie Batty (IE.Main)
(March 19, 2023) Letter from Alison Stewart, Cycle Toronto (IE.Supp)
(March 19, 2023) Letter from Jessica Spieker, Friends and Families for Safe Streets (IE.Supp)
(March 19, 2023) Letter from Lee Adamson (IE.Supp)
(March 17, 2023) E-mail from Anne Keary (IE.Main)
(March 20, 2023) Letter from Ingrid Buday (IE.Supp)
(March 17, 2023) E-mail from Rena Ginsberg (IE.Main)
(March 18, 2023) E-mail from Janet Patterson (IE.Supp)
(March 18, 2023) E-mail from Liz Addison (IE.Supp)
(March 20, 2023) Letter from Geoff Kettel & Cathie Macdonald (IE.Supp)
(March 17, 2023) E-mail from Donna Patterson (IE.Main)
(March 19, 2023) Letter from David Langille (IE.Supp)
(March 18, 2023) E-mail from Zoe Keary-Matzner (IE.New)
(March 19, 2023) Letter from Lyn Adamson, ClimateFast (IE.Supp)
(March 18, 2023) E-mail from Chris Matzner (IE.New)
(March 17, 2023) Letter from Michael Holloway (IE.Main)
(March 20, 2023) Letter from Rick Green, Chair, Federation of South Toronto Residents' Assoications (IE.New)
(March 20, 2023) E-mail from Stephen Douglas (IE.New)
(March 20, 2023) Letter from Stephen Laskowski (IE.Main)
(March 21, 2023) E-mail from Kelsey McMullen (IE.Main)


Gil Penalosa, Toronto for Everyone
Lyn Adamson, Co-Chair, ClimateFast
Alison Stewart, Acting co-Executive Director, Advocacy & Public Policy, Cycle Toronto
Ingrid Buday, No More Noise Toronto
Adam Roy Cohoon
Jay Scott
Liz Addison
Rebecca Ruth Allen
Jeffrey Levitt
Lee Adamson
Albert Koehl, Gardiner East Transparency (GET)


Motion to Receive Item moved by Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie (Carried)

That the item be received for information.

Source: Toronto City Clerk at