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EC3.15 - Respecting Deceased Homeless in Toronto

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Committee Decision

The Economic and Community Development Committee withdrew item EC3.15 from the agenda.


(April 25, 2023) Letter from Councillor Paul Ainslie


On March 17, 2023, Toronto Public Health released data related to the deaths of individuals experiencing homelessness in 2022.  The data reported 187 deaths, with the data collected from Participating agencies who serve the homeless and under-housed communities and the City of Toronto's Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (SSHA) division. Deaths of People Experiencing Homelessness – City of Toronto


Data on homeless deaths was previously released monthly, this practice enabled our divisions to recognize any patterns, address urgent needs and respectfully grieve individuals at the time of their deaths.


In an article published on April 7, 2023, Shelter death data in Toronto no longer monthly | CTV News, the Toronto Homeless Memorial has been quoted as stating the decision to not report monthly, “is absolutely unacceptable,” … “It takes away a grieving process, and really crucially, [..] it’s further dehumanizing and anonymizing those who are dying in [city] care.”

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(April 25, 2023) Letter from Councillor Paul Ainslie on Respecting Deceased Homeless in Toronto


Gru, Toronto Homeless Memorial


Motion to Add New Business at Committee moved by Councillor Paul Ainslie (Carried)

Motion to Withdraw an Item moved by Councillor Shelley Carroll (Carried)

That the item be withdrawn from the agenda.

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