Item - 2023.CC13.3

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  • City Council adopted this item on December 13, 2023 without amendments and without debate.
  • See also By-law 1304-2023

CC13.3 - Appointment of Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services

Decision Type:
Adopted on Consent

City Council Decision

City Council on December 13, 14 and 15, 2023, adopted the following:


1. City Council appoint David Jollimore as Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services for the City of Toronto, with such appointment to be effective December 18, 2023, subject to written acceptance by the candidate of the terms and conditions of a contract of employment offered by the City, and City Council rescind the rotating Interim Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services appointments effective the same date.


2. City Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate terms and conditions of employment with the candidate.


3. City Council authorize the public release of the name and curriculum vitae summary of David Jollimore in Confidential Attachment 1 to the report (December 6, 2023) from the City Manager upon City Council's approval of the appointment.


The following curriculum vitae summary for David Jollimore is now public:


Curriculum Vitae Summary




2014 – Present                                 City of Toronto

                                                         General Manager, Fleet Services (2022 - Present)

                                                         Director, City-wide Real Estate Program (2016 - 2022)

                                                         Director, Business Performance Management (2014 - 2016)


2014                                                 Array Marketing, Toronto, Canada

    Executive Director, Technical Development Services


2008 - 2013                                     Blackberry (Research in Motion), Canada and Singapore

                                                        Senior Director - Manufacturing and Supply Chain,

                                                        Manufacturing Operations


1991 - 2008                                    Celestica, Canada, Mexico and USA

                                                        Various roles up to Director




Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS, now Dalhousie University)

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering - Graduated with high honours

Confidential Attachment - Personal matters about an identifiable person.

Background Information (City Council)

(December 6, 2023) Report from the City Manager on Appointment of Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services (CC13.3)
Confidential Attachment 1 - Candidate's Curriculum Vitae Summary - made public on December 13, 2023
Source: Toronto City Clerk at