Item - 2022.MM45.8

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  • City Council adopted this item on June 15, 2022 without amendments.

MM45.8 - Any time is a good time for pickleball: meeting growing demand for healthy recreational activities - by Councillor Paula Fletcher, seconded by Councillor Brad Bradford

Decision Type:

City Council Decision

City Council on June 15 and 16, 2022, adopted the following:


1. City Council request the General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation to develop a mechanism for permitting playing outdoor pickleball this summer on various underutilized flat surfaces in City parks and City Council request the General Manager Parks, Forestry and Recreation to include an update on this information in the report on pickleball requested by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee at its meeting on April 26, 2022.


2. City Council request the General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation to consider adding, where feasible, pickleball court lines to be painted on underutilized flat surfaces and facilities this summer – such as outdoor hockey rinks, various flat dry pad locations, and underutilized tennis courts.

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Motions (City Council)

Motion to Waive Referral (Carried)

Speaker Nunziata advised Council that the provisions of Chapter 27, Council Procedures, require that Motion MM45.8 be referred to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee. A two-thirds vote of the Council Members present is required to waive referral.

Motion to Adopt Item (Carried)
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