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IE30.15 - Western Waterfront Master Plan - Update

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3 - Etobicoke - Lakeshore, 4 - Parkdale - High Park

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The Infrastructure and Environment Committee received the report (May 11, 2022) from the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division and the General Manager, Transportation Services for information.


(May 11, 2022) Report from the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning and the General Manager, Transportation Services


The Western Waterfront Master Plan was approved by City Council in 2009 and was developed to provide a vision for the Western Waterfront, and to guide future decisions related to improvements to the public realm over the next few decades. This report provides an update on the progress made towards realizing the Western Waterfront Master Plan and next steps.


The Western Waterfront stretches between Ontario Place to the east and the Humber River to the west (please see Attachment 1 for map). It is a significant public asset that offers one of the city’s longest unobstructed views of Lake Ontario, with over 40 hectares of parkland, two trails (Martin Goodman and Humber River) and three beaches (Sunnyside, Budapest and Gzowski) jointly known as the Western Beaches. The Western Waterfront is home to a number of recreational boating clubs, including the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club, the Argonaut Rowing Club and the Boulevard Club. A break wall in Lake Ontario extends across the area and includes a new 600-metre multi-sport watercourse adjacent to Marilyn Bell Park.


Some of the initiatives that were proposed in the Western Waterfront Master Plan include: north-south pedestrian and cyclist crossings; enhancements to the Martin Goodman Trail; expanded beaches with improved water quality; and more opportunities for water-based recreation. There has been progress in moving forward improved connections to the Western Waterfront, park and trail improvements, urban forestry tree canopy initiatives, and city-wide stormwater infrastructure improvements that have, and will continue to improve water quality in the western beaches. 


Some of the larger initiatives proposed in the Western Waterfront Master Plan were predicated on decisions being made about the alignment of light-rail transit, that were made in 2018, with the Waterfront Transit Network Plan that was adopted by Council. Since that time, the Waterfront West Light Rail Transit has been acknowledged as a project under planning study, however, it is not currently in the 10-year capital plan. 


Since 2009 there have been emerging issues and priorities. The city has experienced rising lake levels due to climate change, shoreline erosion and concerns regarding an aging break wall. There is also increased awareness of the historical and cultural significance of the mouth of the Humber River that was not fully considered with the 2009 Western Waterfront Master Plan. 


Further to this update, staff will formally review the 2009 Western Waterfront Master Plan and produce an updated Western Waterfront Master Plan in 2023, led by the Waterfront Secretariat, working with a team of staff from City Planning, Transportation Services, Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Toronto Water, Corporate Real Estate Management and the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority.  The team will formally review the 2009 Western Waterfront Master Plan in detail to take stock of which initiatives should be advanced.  Staff will engage with stakeholders and the community, and, if required, hire a consultant. The team will produce an Environmental Assessment compliant updated Western Waterfront Master Plan that will include an updated list of implementation items, to be prioritized during the process. As part of the review, this staff team is committed to meeting monthly to further this review and to consulting with stakeholders and the community; staff will report back to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee in the Fourth Quarter 2023 with the findings and with proposed implementation recommendations.

Background Information

Report and Attachments 1 - 4 from the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning and the General Manager, Transportation Services on Western Waterfront Master Plan - Update


(May 21, 2022) Letter from Ric Amis, Spokesperson, West Side Community Council, Chair, Parkdale Residents Association (IE.Supp)
(May 21, 2022) Letter from Jeffery Hanning, Past Chair, Sunnyside Community Association (IE.Supp)
(May 23, 2022) E-mail from Jay Brown (IE.Supp)
(May 25, 2022) Submission from Marienka Bishop-Kovac and Charles Rishor (IE.Supp)
(May 24, 2022) E-mail from Hamish Wilson (IE.Supp)
(May 24, 2022) Letter from Sonam Vashisth on behalf of Alison Stewart, Senior Advocacy Manager, Cycle Toronto (IE.Supp)
(May 24, 2022) Letter from Lee Scott, Head Coach and Founder, WoW Power Walking (IE.Supp)


Marienka Bishop-Kovac, Humber Bay for All
Charles Rishor, West End Beaches Stakeholders Association (WEBSA)
Alison Stewart, Cycle Toronto
Councillor Gord Perks


Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Carried)
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