Item - 2022.AA16.3

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  • This item was considered by the Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee on March 8, 2022. The Committee received the item for information only. No further action will be taken on this item.

AA16.3 - Jane Finch Initiative Indigenous Engagement Strategy

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Committee Decision

The Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee received the item for information.

Decision Advice and Other Information

Zahra Joseph-Wilson, Assistant Planner, City Planning, gave a presentation to the Committee.


The Assistant Planner, City Planning, will give a presentation on the Jane Finch Initiative Indigenous Engagement Strategy and seek feedback from the Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee.


The Jane Finch Initiative is a City of Toronto and resident-led project to plan for the future of the Jane and Finch area. Together, we are developing a community development plan and a land use plan so that residents and businesses are supported as the area changes over time with the opening of the Finch West Light Rail Transit.

Background Information

(January 14, 2022) Presentation from the Assistant Planner, City Planning on Jane Finch Initiative
Jane Finch Initiative Indigenous Engagement Strategy - Draft


Katherine Gandy
Tiffaney Malley


Motion to Receive Item moved by Angus D. Palmer (Carried)

That the item be received for information.

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