Item - 2021.MM36.11

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  • City Council adopted this item on October 1, 2021 without amendments.

MM36.11 - Stopping Bike Theft in Toronto - by Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, seconded by Councillor Mike Layton

Decision Type:

City Council Decision

City Council on October 1 and 4, 2021, adopted the following:


1.  City Council direct the General Manager, Transportation Services, in consultation with the Chief of Police and the Toronto Police Services Board, to meet with 529 Garage and request that they provide a demonstration and presentation on how their app deters and eliminates bike theft, to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee meeting on October 26, 2021.

Background Information (City Council)

Communications (City Council)

(September 29, 2021) E-mail from Chris Drew (MM.Supp)
(September 29, 2021) Letter from Keagan Gartz, Executive Director, Cycle Toronto (MM.Supp)
(September 29, 2021) E-mail from Arthur Klimowicz on behalf of Toronto Centre Cyclists (MM.Supp)
(September 29, 2021) E-mail from Peter Appleton (MM.Supp)
(September 30, 2021) E-mail from Robert Zaichkowski (MM.Supp)
(September 30, 2021) E-mail from Mark Altosaar (MM.New)
(September 30, 2021) E-mail from Donna Patterson (MM.New)
(September 30, 2021) E-mail from Michael Longfield (MM.New)
(September 30, 2021) E-mail from Swarswaram (MM.New)

Motions (City Council)

Motion to Waive Referral (Carried)

Speaker Nunziata advised Council that the provisions of Chapter 27, Council Procedures, require that Motion MM36.11 be referred to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee. A two-thirds vote of the Council Members present is required to waive referral.

Motion to Adopt Item (Carried)
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