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  • This item was considered by Executive Committee on April 29, 2021 and was adopted without amendment.

EX23.1 - Updates on Pre-Pandemic Council Directives

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The Executive Committee received the report (April 14, 2021) from the City Manager for information.


(April 14, 2021) Report from the City Manager


This report is part of the City Manager's regular updates to Council on the City's COVID-19 response, recovery and rebuild actions. The information should be considered in the context of the pandemic, which is currently in a critical phase with an ongoing Emergency declared by the Provincial government until May 2021 at the earliest.


The City Manager's October 2020 COVID-19 status report (EX17.1) identified that there were over 600 outstanding directives from Committees and City Council from the start of this Council term as tracked by the City Clerk's Office.


Over the past year, as resources and capacity allow, staff have continued to address outstanding pre-pandemic directives from City Council. Due to staff reassignments and shifting and emerging priorities, such as the implementation of a vaccination strategy, online service delivery, and the implementation of programs to address critical social and economic challenges, work on many pre-pandemic directives had been temporarily paused.


The City Manager worked with operating areas to review the outstanding directives and identify actions to address the backlog. This report provides a status update including information that many directives have either been responded to, accelerated, or will be addressed in the coming Council cycles, with only a small percentage still paused until further information is available, or current COVID-19 related challenges permit.

Background Information

(April 14, 2021) Report from the City Manager on Updates on Pre-Pandemic Council Directives
Attachment 1 - Pre-Pandemic Directives Updates and Appendix - Comparison of Councillor Compensation - Jurisdictional Scan


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