Item - 2020.TE18.83

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  • This item was considered by Toronto and East York Community Council on September 16, 2020 and was adopted without amendment. City Council has delegated authority for this matter to the Toronto and East York Community Council and therefore, the decision is final.
  • See also By-law 758-2020

TE18.83 - Parking Amendments - Russell Hill Road and Boulton Drive

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12 - Toronto - St. Paul's

Community Council Decision

The Toronto and East York Community Council:


1. Prohibited parking at all times on the east side of Russell Hill Road, between Boulton Drive and a point 31.4 metres north.

2. Prohibited stopping at all times on the south side of Boulton Drive, between Russell Hill Road and a point 61 metres west


(September 16, 2020) Letter from Councillor Matlow, Ward 12, Toronto - St. Paul's


I am writing to you to request Community Council's support for a motion that is important to the constituents of the Toronto-St. Paul's ward, but one that could not be brought forward by staff due to the impacts of the pandemic on staff redeployments. Transportation Services staff have assisted with the drafting of this letter and the recommendations underneath.


In December 2014 Traffic Operations investigated complaints regarding the Russell Hill Road and Boulton Drive intersection, from the South Hill Residents Association, about the speeds of southbound right turn vehicles and cyclists and the lack of stop sign compliance of southbound right turning vehicles at the northeast corner.  A traffic study was conducted in June 2015 which revealed majority of motorists and cyclists were not complying with the stop sign. 


Consistent with the City of Toronto's Vision Zero Road Safety Plan the intersection was modified in 2019 to provide a safer environment for all road users by redesigning to a narrower and typical T type junction, providing new sidewalks, providing adequate space for a bike lane and buffer, right-sizing corner radii and relocation of the stop bar and crosswalks. These modifications help to create better sight lines for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, reduce pedestrian crossing distances and risk exposure, encourage better stop compliance, reduce overall vehicle speeds, and deter drivers from making turns at high speeds.


Due to these geometric modifications and further alterations implemented in August 2020, and to minimize encroachment into the cycling facility and buffer the following parking and stopping prohibitions are recommended for Russell Hill Road and Boulton Drive:

  • Extend the existing parking prohibition on Russell Hill Road by about 14 metres further north (north of the driveway entrance), which would results in the loss of about two parking spaces. This will provide additional space for vehicles so they do not encroach on the cycling lane or buffer.
  • Change parking prohibition on south curb of Boulton Drive to a stopping prohibition so that turning vehicles have more space to make their turn and so that through vehicles do not need to encroach into the bike lane or buffer to pass a stopped vehicle.

Background Information

(September 16, 2020) Letter from Councillor Matlow, Ward 12, Toronto - St. Paul's - Parking Amendments - Russell Hill Road and Boulton Drive


1 - Motion to Add New Business at Committee moved by Councillor Brad Bradford (Carried)

2 - Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Josh Matlow (Carried)
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