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TE9.81 - Creating New Affordable Housing on Danforth

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14 - Toronto - Danforth

Community Council Decision

The Toronto and East York Community Council directed that:


1.  The Terms of Reference for the upcoming Danforth Planning and Complete Streets Study include options to secure new affordable rental along Danforth Avenue.


(October 9, 2019) Letter from Councillor Paula Fletcher, Ward 14, Toronto - Danforth


I am deeply concerned that many of my residents are being displaced or priced out of the rental market because of development pressures and renovictions. Too often, they are being forced to move further away from the services that we have all worked so hard to provide.  And worse, the inclusive community they have created with bonds of friendship and mutual support is fracturing.


There are many co-ops and other great non-profit housing developers, like WoodGreen, who have led on the building of affordable housing in Toronto's east end. However, with land prices and development pressures, the lots which have been available in the past have almost dried up.


Working with City Planning my residents have put in place urban design guidelines and official plan policies for Leslieville, Ashbridges Bay, and Broadview. However, only the Leslieville Urban Design Guidelines which references the common theme of community and diversity, starts to address the issue. The new Danforth Planning Study soon to be underway from Coxwell to Broadview can and should address this head on.


Establishing proactive planning policies to support the development of affordable housing would make the City's Open Door program far more effective. And, my resident's strong desire to protect the diverse and inclusive communities they have built in the face of relentless development pressures would be respected. 


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(October 9, 2019) Councillor Paula Fletcher, Ward 14, Toronto - Danforth - Creating New Affordable Housing on Danforth


1 - Motion to Add New Business at Committee moved by Councillor Paula Fletcher (Carried)

2 - Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Paula Fletcher (Carried)
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