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PH2.7 - Review and Consultation on the Laneway Suites By-law and Policies

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Committee Decision

The Planning and Housing Committee:


1.   Requested the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning, in consultation with appropriate staff, to undertake a review and consultation on expanding the current policy and zoning permissions for laneway suites and to report back in 2019 with any recommended changes to laneway suite regulations.


(February 11, 2019) Letter from Councillor Ana Bail„o


In 2018, City Council adopted measures to encourage the creation of secondary dwelling units, including laneway suites, through amendments to the City’s Official Plan and Zoning By-laws. These changes are intended to increase both the supply and variety of rental housing within the City.


On June 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2018 City Council adopted the report: Changing Lanes - The City of Toronto’s Review of Laneway Suites (TE33.3). This report established a planning framework to permit laneway suites in an ancillary building abutting a lane on lands within the then boundary of Toronto and East York District. In accordance with the Laneway Suites By-law 810-2018, a laneway suite may be constructed behind any low-rise residential building permitted in a residential zone, including single detached buildings, semi-detached buildings, row houses, triplexes, and others, subject to certain criteria.


By-law 810-2018 has been in force since August 2018, and since then interest in the construction of Laneway Suites has been notable. The City is currently reviewing 53 Preliminary Project Review applications, 18 building permit applications, and 15 minor variance applications for laneway suites. Given the positive response to By-law 810-2018, it is appropriate that consideration be given to expansion of the By-law to the remaining areas of the City with public laneways.


The Laneway Suites By-law 810-2018 currently applies to the geographic boundary of Toronto and East York Community Council as is existed on January 1, 2017.  Approximately 235 kilometres of public laneways, 74 percent of the City’s total public laneway system, are included in the current By-law. The remainder of the City contains the remaining 99 kilometres, or 26 percent, of the city’s public laneway network. 


This motion requests that City staff consider and consult on expanding By-law 810-2018 to include all residentially-zoned lots abutting a public laneway within the City, consider any technical changes to the By-law that may be necessary, and report to Planning and Housing Committee with recommendations in 2019.

Background Information

(February 11, 2019) Letter from Councillor Ana Bail„o on Review and Consultation on the Laneway Suites By-law and Policies


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