Item - 2019.MM12.1

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  • City Council adopted this item on November 26, 2019 without amendments.

MM12.1 - Commemoration of the Battle of Ridgeway - by Councillor Paul Ainslie, seconded by Councillor Shelley Carroll

Decision Type:

City Council Decision

City Council on November 26 and 27, 2019, adopted the following:


1. City Council request the Commonwealth Ward Graves Commission to designate the final resting places of the 9 casualties of the Battle of Ridgeway who were members of the Second Battalion Volunteer Rifles of Toronto, Queen’s Own Rifles with Canadian War Grave status to ensure they are properly cared for.


2. City Council request the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to add the following names of our soldiers killed in the June 2, 1866 Battle of Ridgeway in Canada’s National Books of Remembrance:


Ensign Malcolm McEachren

Sergeant Hugh Matheson

Corporal Francis Lackey Lance

Corporal Mark Defries

Private Christopher Alderson

Private Malcolm McKenzie

Private John Harriman Mewburn

Private William Smith

Private William Fairbanks Tempest

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Motion to Waive Referral (Carried)

Speaker Nunziata advised Council that the provisions of Chapter 27, Council Procedures, require that Motion MM12.1 be referred to the Economic and Community Development Committee. A two-thirds vote of the Council Members present is required to waive referral.

Motion to Adopt Item (Carried)
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