Item - 2019.EC8.17

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EC8.17 - Expansion of Toronto's Winterlicious / Summerlicious Program

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20 - Scarborough Southwest, 21 - Scarborough Centre, 22 - Scarborough - Agincourt, 23 - Scarborough North, 24 - Scarborough - Guildwood, 25 - Scarborough - Rouge Park

Committee Decision

The Economic and Community Development Committee:


1.  Requested the General Manager, Economic Development and Culture to report to the December 4, 2019 Economic and Community Development Committee meeting on:


a.  Efforts taken by the City of Toronto to enhance participation of Scarborough restaurants in Toronto's Winterlicious / Summerlicious program.

b.  Information on the number of restaurants located in Scarborough that have participated in the program in the past 5 years.

c.  Measures taken to source locations within Scarborough.

d.  Current City-wide marketing efforts made to invite restaurant to participate.


(September 23, 2019) Letter from Councillor Paul Ainslie


The City of Toronto Winterlicious / Summerlicious programs have become well attended annual events with over 200 restaurants participating. Of the 200 only 3 who participated in the summer of 2019 where in the community of Scarborough.


Scarborough has a wealth of wonderful restaurants from every nation in the world, inviting them to participate would greatly enhance the culinary experience for all while providing Scarborough's restaurants the exposure they merit.


With the application process for the Winterlicious behind us we have an opportunity to work towards 2020 Summerlious to encourage and invite Scarborough restaurants to participate and showcase their food.

Background Information

(September 23, 2019) Letter from Councillor Paul Ainslie on Expansion of Toronto's Winterlicious / Summerlicious program


Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Cynthia Lai (Carried)
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