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  • This item was considered by the Scarborough Community Council on February 21, 2018. The Committee received the item for information only. No further action will be taken on this item.

SC28.5 - Scarborough Centre Focused Review Study

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37 - Scarborough Centre, 38 - Scarborough Centre

Community Council Decision

Scarborough Community Council received the report (January 24, 2018) from the Director, Community Planning, Scarborough District for information.


(January 24, 2018) Report from the Director, Community Planning, Scarborough District


The purpose of this report is to advise Scarborough Community Council that City Planning staff are initiating a focused review of the Council approved 2005 Scarborough Centre Secondary Plan.  The intent of the Scarborough Centre Focused Review (SCFR) Study will be to update and further articulate the Secondary Plan and develop a revised vision and planning framework that will guide and support future growth and encourage city building.  


With the significant investment in civic infrastructure, including new station entrances and new bus terminal associated with the Scarborough Subway Extension, a once in a lifetime opportunity exists to create an exemplar civic vision and signature, which should embody the highest quality in both urban community and built form design.  The SCFR will build upon existing policy and weave in new policy resulting from on-going City initiatives such as the Scarborough Centre Transportation Master Plan.  It will knit together the four precincts and provide focus for the Centre's continued urbanization.  Refer to Attachment 1: Scarborough Centre Secondary Plan, Map 5-2 Precincts.


The SCFR Study will be undertaken by City staff, in conjunction with an outside consulting team.  The Study will engage area residents, landowners, business owners, Ward Councillors and other City Divisions who would form various 'working groups' to assist in the study process and outcomes.


The SCFR will conclude with a final recommendations report which will include:


Conceptual Master Plan and Urban Design Guidelines

Built Form Strategy

Scarborough Centre Massing (3D) Model

Parks and Open Space Strategy

Connections/Linkages Strategy

Community Services Strategy


Subject to City Planning budget and resources, it is anticipated that the study will be initiated in the second or third quarter of 2018.  The final recommendations report is targeted to be presented to Scarborough Community Council in 2019.  Any proposed amendments to the Official Plan resulting from the study would be considered at a public meeting, under the Planning Act.  At a later date, any proposed amendments to the zoning by-law to implement the findings of the Scarborough Centre Focused Review Study would be brought forward to Scarborough Community Council at a public meeting under the Planning Act.

Background Information

(January 24, 2018) Report and Attachment 1 from the Director, Community Planning, Scarborough District - Scarborough Centre Focused Review Study


Motion to Receive Item moved by Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker (Carried)

That the item be received for information.

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