Item - 2018.MM36.7

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  • City Council adopted this item on January 31, 2018 without amendments.

MM36.7 - 70 Thirty Sixth Street (B0053/17EYK, A0529/17EYK, and A0530/17EYK) Request for Attendance at a Toronto Local Appeal Body Hearing - by Councillor Mark Grimes, seconded by Councillor Vincent Crisanti

Decision Type:
6 - Etobicoke-Lakeshore

City Council Decision

City Council on January 31 and February 1, 2018, adopted the following:


1.  City Council authorize the City Solicitor, City Planning staff and appropriate City staff to attend the Toronto Local Appeal Body hearing for 70 Thirty Sixth Street in opposition of the consent and minor variances requested in Committee of Adjustment applications (B0053/17EYK, A0529/17EYK, and A0530/17EYK) and to retain outside consultants, if necessary.


2.  City Council authorize the City Solicitor to attempt to negotiate with the applicant, a resolution of the appeal, in consultation with the Ward Councillor and appropriate City Staff.

Background Information (City Council)

Member Motion MM36.7
Committee of Adjustment Etobicoke York Panel Notice of Decision on application for Minor Variance/Permission for 70 Thirty Sixth Street

Motions (City Council)

Motion to Waive Referral (Carried)

Speaker Nunziata advised Council that the provisions of Chapter 27, Council Procedures, require that Motion MM36.7 be referred to the Etobicoke York Community Council. A two-thirds vote of the Council Members present is required to waive referral.

Motion to Adopt Item (Carried)
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