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BU44.11 - Danforth: An Even Greater Avenue

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Committee Decision

The Budget Committee referred the item to the Interim Chief Financial Officer, the Deputy City Manager, Cluster A and the Deputy City Manager, Cluster B for consideration as part of the 2019 Budget process.


(May 28, 2018) Letter from Councillor Paula Fletcher, Ward 30, Toronto-Danforth


Currently there are a number of planning studies of the Danforth underway- one from Coxwell to Victoria Park as well as one transit related study for main and Danforth.  In 2019 the section form Coxwell to Broadview is to be considered for a study by City Planning. There is also the Master Planning for the new police station at Coxwell and Danforth in 2019 as well as a proposed corridor study for the entire avenue which is to begin in 2019. Two of the 5 Business Improvement Area's also have a streetscape study underway. Economic Development has a city wide retail study underway which will include the 5 Business Improvement Areas on the over 7 kilometre stretch of the Danforth


The many studies underway could be brought together within an overarching concept - that of making Danforth an even greater street.


I am writing to request that the 2019 budgets for Transportation and Economic Development and Planning include funding for a comprehensive study of the Danforth as a complete street which includes a robust retail sector and is a model of engagement for all local stakeholders and the community as a whole. 


I would like to offer my thoughts on key concepts that such an approach would include:


1. Safety

Improving safety for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and Toronto Transit Committee users and all of those accessing the many businesses and services along the street. Improving everyone's ability to safely use Danforth is key to keeping the vibrancy of the area strong.


2. Strength

Commercial streets anchor strong neighbourhoods and Danforth Avenue is energized by its local services and businesses.  Local retail is under threat by e-commerce but the continued role of local retail is critical to the success of our neighbourhoods. The question is 'what changes to the street will keep Danforth a thriving and exciting place?'


3. Refresh

While Danforth is one of the busiest roads in Toronto, it nonetheless has tremendous potential to have improved connections to green space. Local parks and open spaces and the wide sidewalks should be seamlessly integrated into Danforth to create a street that is a desirable and attractive destination.


4. Distinguish

These improvements should also take into consideration the unique character of different parts of the Danforth. Many different sections have successfully branded themselves as unique areas, strengthening and distinguishing their stretch of Danforth Avenue. The review and improvements on Danforth should support each unique section of Danforth as well as Danforth Avenue more generally.


5. Involve

A great street is more than just the physical changes. Danforth was transformed when the subway opened decades ago.  Planning for the street for the next number of decades requires deep community consultation as well as professional expertise to ensure that the changes to the street will have lasting support.

Background Information

(May 28, 2018) Letter from Councillor Paula Fletcher, Ward 30, Toronto-Danforth on Danforth: An Even Greater Avenue


Councillor Paula Fletcher


1 - Motion to Add New Business at Committee moved by Councillor Gary Crawford (Carried)

2 - Motion to Refer Item moved by Councillor Gary Crawford (Carried)

That the item be referred to the Chief Financial Officer, and the Deputy City Managers of Clusters A and B for consideration as part of the 2019 Budget process.

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