Item - 2017.MM28.26

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  • City Council adopted this item on April 26, 2017 without amendments.

MM28.26 - Saving Toronto's Built History - Heritage Building Survey - by Councillor Mary Fragedakis, seconded by Councillor Frances Nunziata

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City Council Decision

City Council on April 26, 27 and 28, 2017, adopted the following:


1.  City Council request the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning to report, as part of the forthcoming report to the Planning and Growth Management Committee in September 2017 on the review of procedures and prioritization for the inclusion of potential heritage properties on the City's Heritage Register, on creating a City-wide survey to identify all buildings with potential heritage value and list them as per the Ontario Heritage Act, such report to include:

a.  a jurisdictional scan of best practices in other jurisdictions, including but not limited to the City of Hamilton and the City of Ottawa;

b.  a public consultation plan;

c.  strategies for prioritizing buildings and neighbourhoods under immediate development pressure;

d.  consideration for using volunteers and local heritage organizations to help identify appropriate buildings to include in the survey;

e.  a timeline for implementing the survey; and

f.  the resources needed to implement such a survey.

City Council Decision Advice and Other Information

City Council considered Motions MM28.25, MM28.26 and MM28.27 together.

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Motion to Waive Referral (Carried)

Speaker Nunziata advised Council that the provisions of Chapter 27, Council Procedures, require that Motion MM28.26 be referred to the Planning and Growth Management Committee. A two-thirds vote of the Council Members present is required to waive referral.

Motion to Adopt Item (Carried)
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