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PE1.3 - Establishing a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Subcommittee

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Committee Decision

The Parks and Environment Committee:


1.         Established a subcommittee on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation as it relates to the mandate of the Parks and Environment Committee, with an interim terms of reference as follows:

The subcommittee:


a.         is made up of all interested members of the Parks and Environment Committee;


b.         members serve until December 31, 2016;


c.         is chaired by Councillor Gord Perks;


d.         makes recommendations to, and reports through, the Parks and Environment Committee; and


e.         will determine and report back on its terms of reference, which are to include a review of City policies, expert advice and international best practices to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


2          Appointed Councillors Joe Cressy, Sarah Doucette, Mike Layton and Gord Perks to the subcommittee.


3.         Requested the subcommittee to convene its first meeting in February 2015 and report to the Parks and Environment Committee on April 15, 2015, with any proposed changes to the terms of reference and any resources needed to support its work.


(January 8, 2015) Letter from Councillor Mike Layton


Our world is facing a global crisis - climate change.  Climate change is not only an environmental crisis, it is a human crisis, a health crisis, a social crisis and a financial crisis. Changing temperatures, precipitation levels, devastating severe weather events, changing sea and lake levels will together have huge implications on disease, drought, air and water quality, food production, migration, transportation and every aspect of the global and local economy.


Cities around the world are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Toronto is no exception.  We have already felt the ecological, health and financial toll of climate change in the form of ice storms, severe rain, flooding, heat waves and invasive species.  This is only the tip of the iceberg. Toronto must to do its part to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions fueling climate change while we do our best to prepare for climate change in whatever form it takes.


Toronto has historically taken important steps to fight the causes of climate change and invested in plans to adapt to its impacts.  We have been a global leader.


In 2007, Toronto City Council adopted the Climate Change Action Plan, which outlines many ways that the City of Toronto and its residents, businesses and communities are taking action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, clean the air and create a sustainable energy future. This was followed by the 2008 report, Ahead of the Storm: Preparing Toronto for Climate Change, which outlined a number of actions that will improve the City's resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. The more recent reports, Resilient City: Preparing for Extreme Weather Events and Resilient City: Preparing for a Changing Climate, have furthered our efforts to be prepared for climate change. Our 2009 Sustainable Energy Strategy has also guided us over the last 6 years. 


Unfortunately, over the past several years, Toronto has fallen behind and is no longer a global leader and innovator in mitigation and adaptation policies, practices and technologies. We can change that.

Background Information

(January 8, 2015) Letter from Councillor Mike Layton on Establishing a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Subcommittee


1 - Motion to Add New Business at Committee moved by Councillor Sarah Doucette (Carried)

2 - Motion to Amend Item (Additional) moved by Councillor Michelle Berardinetti (Carried)

That Councillors Joe Cressy, Sarah Doucette, Mike Layton and Gord Perks be appointed to the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Subcommittee.

3 - Motion to Adopt Item as Amended moved by Councillor Mike Layton (Carried)
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