Item - 2015.DI1.3

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DI1.3 - 2015 - 2018 Disability Issues Committee Workplan

Decision Type:

Committee Decision

The Disability Issues Committee amended the 2015 - 2018 Disability Issues Committee Workplan as follows:


1. Added the following items to Section 4. Public Realm:


"f.  Complete Streets and


g.  Safety."


2. Added the following New Item 6:


"6.  Poverty Reduction:


a. Housing;

b. Homelessness; and

c. Employment."


The Disability Issues Committee to develop a 2015 - 2018 work plan, identifying short and long term goals.


For consideration:


1.          Symposium on Accessibility and Accessibility Issues


2.          2014 Municipal Elections Report on Accessibility


3.         Transit/Transportation, including:


a.         2015 Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games (Item DI4.2 from last Term of Council)


b.         Review of new accessible taxi cabs


c.         2014-18 TTC Multi-Year Accessibility Plan


d.         Accessible Bus Route – Eglinton Avenue East and Rumsey Road (Item DI8.3 from last Term of Council)


e.         Separated bike lanes


4.        Public Realm


a.         Parks Plan 2013 – 2017 (Item DI6.3 from last Term of Council)


b.         City of Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines 2015 Draft


c.          Wayfinding signage/Outdoor Café by-laws and guidelines


d.         Multi-use Trail Guidelines


e.         Recreation Facilities Master Plan


5.         Other Outstanding Items from Last Term of Council


a.         Toronto Police Services (Item DI5.7 from last Term of Council)


b.         A New Design for Toronto's Utility Bill (Item DI10.7 from last Term of Council)

Background Information

Report from the City Clerk - 2014 Municipal Election Report on Accessibility


Motion to Amend Item moved by Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Carried)

That the following issues be added to the 2015 - 21018 Disability Issues Committee Workplan:


Section 4. Public Realm:


f.  Complete Streets


g.  Safety


 Add a New Item 6:


6.  Poverty Reduction


a. Housing

b. Homelessness

c. Employment



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