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  • City Council considered this item on December 2, 2014 and received the item for information. No further action will be taken on this item.

CC1.7 - Mayor's Appointments of the Deputy Mayor and the Standing Committee Chairs

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City Council Decision Advice and Other Information

Mayor John Tory advised City Council that he had appointed Members of Council to the following offices effective December 1, 2014:


1. Deputy Mayor - Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong

2. Chair, Community Development and Recreation Committee - Councillor James Pasternak

3. Chair, Economic Development Committee - Councillor Michael Thompson

4. Chair, Government Management Committee - Councillor Paul Ainslie

5. Chair, Licensing and Standards Committee - Councillor Cesar Palacio

6. Chair, Parks and Environment Committee - Councillor Michelle Berardinetti

7. Chair, Planning and Growth Management Committee - Councillor David Shiner

8. Chair, Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Councillor Jaye Robinson


Mayor Tory introduced the Deputy Mayor and Standing Committee Chairs.

Background Information (City Council)

(December 1, 2014) Letter from Mayor John Tory advising of his appointments of Deputy Mayor and Standing Committee Chairs (CC1.7)
Source: Toronto City Clerk at