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  • This item was considered by Audit Committee on February 27, 2015 and was adopted without amendment.

AU1.9 - Auditor Generalís Office - 2015 Operating Budget

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Committee Decision

The Audit Committee recommends to the Executive Committee that:


1.  City Council approve the 2015 Operating Budget for the Auditor General’s Office, attached to the report (February 10, 2015) from the Auditor General.

Decision Advice and Other Information

The Auditor General made one presentation addressing the following Items:


- AU1.8, headed "2015 Audit Work Plan"


- AU1.9, headed "Auditor General’s Office - 2015 Operating Budget"


- AU1.10, headed "Auditor General's Office - 2015-2024 Capital Budget and Plan"


This report provides information relating to the 2015 Operating Budget for the Auditor General’s Office.


The Auditor General’s 2015 Operating Budget request is $4,716,600.  This equates to a $31.5 thousand (0.67 per cent) increase over the 2014 Council approved budget. 


In normal circumstances the budget of the Auditor General’s Office would be tabled with the Audit Committee sometime in November, prior to submission to the Budget Committee.  Due to the election and the compressed budget process time frame, this was not possible.  The current process is consistent with the approach taken following the 2010 election.


Discussions were held with the City Clerk’s Office and it was determined that a direct submission of the 2015 budget to Budget Committee would be appropriate.


The current Budget Chief and the former Chair of the Audit Committee have been updated on the approach being taken this year, and that is consistent in past practice. The Auditor General's Office 2015 Budget was presented to the Budget Committee on January 29, 2015.

Background Information

(February 10, 2015) Report from the Auditor General - Auditor Generalís Office - 2015 Operating Budget
Presentation material submitted by the Auditor General


1 - Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Frances Nunziata (Carried)
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