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CC48.2 - Appointment of Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission

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City Council Decision

City Council on February 19 and 20, 2014, appointed by ballot Councillor Maria Augimeri as Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, for a term of office commencing on February 22, 2014 and ending on November 30, 2014, and until a successor is appointed.

City Council Decision Advice and Other Information

City Council on February 19, 2014 appointed a new Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission from among the appointed Council members on the Commission by ballot.


The Balloting process was conducted as follows:


Speaker Nunziata called for nominations:


Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong nominated Councillor Maria Augimeri.


Mayor Ford nominated Councillor Doug Ford in place of Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker.  Speaker Nunziata ruled the nomination out of order.


Deputy Mayor Norman Kelly nominated Josh Colle.


Speaker Nunziata called for further nominations.


Speaker Nunziata called for further nominations a second time.


Speaker Nunziata called for further nominations a third and final time.


Speaker Nunziata closed the nominations.


Speaker Nunziata advised Members that the nominees would now be permitted to address Council as follows:


"The nominees are entitled to address City Council for up to 5 minutes, with no extension. There are no questions of the nominees for Chair.


I will now call upon the nominees in alphabetical order to address City Council.


At the conclusion, I will call upon the City Clerk to instruct you on the balloting process."


The following candidates addressed Council:


             Councillor Maria Augimeri

             Councillor Josh Colle


At the conclusion of candidates' statements, Speaker Nunziata advised that Council would now proceed to balloting.  The Speaker asked the City Clerk to instruct the Members on the balloting process.


The City Clerk advised Members of Council as follows:


"We will now proceed to the balloting for Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission.


There is only one position to elect.


It requires a majority of ballots cast to be elected.


If no candidates receive a majority on the first ballot, a second ballot will be conducted.


The nominee with the fewest votes and nominees with no votes will be removed from the next ballot.


We are about to distribute the ballots to you.


The ballot contains a single blank space.   Please indicate your vote by printing the name of a candidate in the space provided.


Please print clearly and legibly.   If I cannot determine your intention for any reason, including your handwriting, your ballot will be spoiled and not counted.


You may only vote for one person.  If you vote for more than one person, your ballot will be spoiled, and your vote will not be counted.


You may only write-in the name of a Council Member appointed to the Commission.  If you write-in the name of any other person, your ballot will be spoiled, and your vote will not be counted. You may write-in the name of any of the Council members appointed the Commission, even if they have not been nominated.


Secret ballots are prohibited by law.  You must print your name and sign your ballot in the space provided.  If you do not, your ballot will be spoiled, and your vote will not be counted.


You must remain seated during the voting process until all ballots have been collected.


When you are finished voting, please fold your ballot in half and place it on the ledge in front of your desk for collection.   We will collect the ballots when all Members have finished voting.


Members, the voting process is about to begin.  Please take your seats and remain seated and silent during the voting process.


We will now distribute the ballots."


The City Clerk distributed the ballots to the Members of Council.  Once all ballots had been cast and collected, the City Clerk tallied the results of the ballot.


The City Clerk announced the results of the ballot for Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission conducted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, as follows:


-           Number of ballots cast:  44

-           Number of votes required to elect the Chair:  23

-           There were no spoiled or illegal ballots

-           For Maria Augimeri: 23 votes

-           For Josh Colle: 21 votes


The City Clerk declared Maria Augimeri elected as Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission.


The City Clerk read the ballots individually, a summary of which is presented as follows:


For Councillor Maria Augimeri:


Paul Ainslie

Maria Augimeri

Shelley Carroll

Raymond Cho

Janet Davis

Glenn De Baeremaeker

Frank Di Giorgio

Sarah Doucette

Paula Fletcher

Mary Fragedakis

Mike Layton

Gloria Lindsay Luby

Giorgio Mammoliti

Josh Matlow

Pam McConnell

Joe Mihevc

Denzil Minnan-Wong

John Parker

Gord Perks

Anthony Perruzza

David Shiner

Adam Vaughan

Kristyn Wong-Tam



For Councillor Josh Colle:


Ana Bailão

Michelle Berardinetti

Josh Colle

Gary Crawford

Vincent Crisanti

Mike Del Grande

John Filion

Doug Ford

Rob Ford

Mark Grimes

Norm Kelly

Chin Lee

Peter Leon

Mary-Margaret McMahon

Peter Milczyn

Ron Moeser

Frances Nunziata

Cesar Palacio

James Pasternak

Karen Stintz

Michael Thompson

Background Information (City Council)

(January 9, 2014) Report from the City Clerk on Appointment of Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission (CC48.2)
(December 12, 2013) Letter from Councillor Karen Stintz advising of her resignation as Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission

Rulings (City Council)

Ruling by Speaker Frances Nunziata
Speaker Nunziata ruled Mayor Ford's nomination of Councillor Doug Ford for appointment to the Toronto Transit Commission out of order as the matter before Council is to appoint a Toronto Transit Commission Chair and only current Council members on the Toronto Transit Commission are eligible for appointment as Chair.

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