Item - 2013.GM26.21

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  • This item was considered by Government Management Committee on November 21, 2013 and was deferred indefinitely. Consult the text of the decision for further information on the deferral.

GM26.21 - Establishment of Free Public Wireless Internet in Toronto's Parks, Civic Squares, Privately-owned Public Spaces and Interested Business Improvement Areas

Decision Type:
Deferred Indefinitely

Committee Decision

The Government Management Committee deferred the item indefinitely.


(October 8, 2013) Report from City Council


Almost a decade ago, the City of Toronto partnered with Toronto Hydro to provide free wireless internet to the public in the downtown core. Unfortunately, this experiment faltered when it became a pay-for-use service hardly distinguishable from those services offered by for-profit corporations like Rogers and Bell.


Since then, we have fallen behind Canadian cities like Fredericton, New Brunswick, which offers free wi-fi coverage city-wide, and Edmonton, Alberta. An even greater concern for the City of Toronto should be the progress made by our closest competitors, including Chicago and New York City, where the municipal governments have used public-private partnerships to roll out extensive free wi-fi coverage.


I am writing to request that we re-visit this initiative and move quickly to provide free, reliable public wi-fi in our parks, the squares and plazas at our civic centres across the City including Nathan Phillips Square, and privately-owned public spaces (POPS). We should also work with our Business Improvement Area partners to facilitate wi-fi business districts.


Providing free public wi-fi in our parks and public spaces will signal to technology developers that Toronto is a tech-savvy jurisdiction and an excellent place to settle and do business. We already have a flourishing high-tech sector that has attracted the attention of tech giants like Google and Apple; we need to redouble our efforts to become an environment that supports the next Google.


In addition, free public wi-fi is an indispensible amenity for an increasing number of global tourists. International cellular data is expensive and inaccessible for most travellers who instead rely on infrequent and unreliable hotspots in some cafes and hotel lobbies. A city that provides free public wi-fi enables tourists to find their way off the beaten path to spend money in our neighbourhoods and get a more personal, authentic experience that will make them want to come back and visit again.


Finally, let’s not overlook the direct quality-of-life benefits for residents of Toronto. Imagine being able to work seamlessly under a tree in Mel Lastman Square or overlooking a baseball game in Christie Pitts Park. Not every city is blessed with great parks and public spaces like Toronto; we should take every excuse to get out and enjoy them, even if we are on the clock at work.


It’s time for Toronto not just to catch up with the opportunities of the twenty-first century, but to lead our peer cities in public wireless internet access.

Background Information

(November 1, 2013) Report from City Council on Establishment of Free Public Wireless Internet in Toronto's Parks, Civic Squares, Privately-owned Public Spaces and Interested Business Improvement Areas
(August 30, 2013) Attachment - Letter from Councillor Josh Matlow, Ward 22 - St. Paul's


(November 12, 2013) E-mail from Martin Blank, PhD, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University (GM.New.GM26.21.1)
(November 11, 2013) Submission from Heather Nixon-Kemp and Malini Menon, on behalf of Kawartha Safe Technology Initiative (GM.New.GM26.21.2)
(November 13, 2013) E-mail from Dorethy Luyks-Ledgerwood (GM.New.GM26.21.3)
(November 13, 2013) E-mail from Wendy Cockburn (GM.New.GM26.21.4)
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(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Jean Grieve (GM.New.GM26.21.9)
(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Wendy Perkins (GM.New.GM26.21.10)
(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Charlene Acres (GM.New.GM26.21.11)
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(November 18, 2013) Submission from Ashley Kirby (GM.New.GM26.21.14)
(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Craig Niziolek (GM.New.GM26.21.15)
(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Colin Morrison (GM.New.GM26.21.16)
(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg (GM.New.GM26.21.17)
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(November 14, 2013) Submission from Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra (GM.New.GM26.21.21)
(November 14, 2013) E-mail from Albert Roffey (GM.New.GM26.21.22)
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(November 15, 2013) E-mail from Rhona Slomovic (GM.New.GM26.21.42)
(November 15, 2013) Letter from Dr. Kerry Crofton, Co-founder and Executive Director, Doctors for Safer Schools (GM.New.GM26.21.43)
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(November 17, 2013) E-mail from Sandra Zank (GM.New.GM26.21.83)
(November 18, 2013) Letter from Dr. Olle Johansson, Ph.D. Associate Professor, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet (GM.New.GM26.21.84)
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(November 19, 2013) Submission from Margaret Friesen (GM.New.GM26.21.94)
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(November 19, 2013) E-mail from Melissa Kennedy (GM.New.GM26.21.97)
(November 19, 2013) E-mail from Brian Durkin (GM.New.GM26.21.98)
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(November 19, 2013) E-mail from Britta Sonoski (GM.New.GM26.21.112)
(November 19, 2013) Letter from Murray Cunningham, President, Environmental Health Association of Manitoba (GM.New.GM26.21.113)
(November 19, 2013) Submission from Tina Bolton (GM.New.GM26.21.114)
(November 20, 2013) E-mail from Lorne Busse (GM.New.GM26.21.115)
(November 20, 2013) E-mail from Michelle Simoneau (GM.New.GM26.21.116)
(November 20, 2013) Letter from Diana Daghofer, Co-Chair, Prevent Cancer Now (GM.New.GM26.21.117)
(November 20, 2013) E-mail from Melissa Chambers (GM.New.GM26.21.118)
(November 20, 2013) Letter from Dr. Martha Herbert (GM.New.GM26.21.119)
(November 20, 2013) Fax from Mrs. Boyd (GM.New.GM26.21.120)
(November 20, 2013) Letter from Curtis Bennett (GM.New.GM26.21.121)
(November 21, 2013) Submission from Barbara Payne (GM.New.GM26.21.122)
(November 21, 2013) Submission from Barbara Payne (GM.New.GM26.21.123)
(November 21, 2013) Submission from Mary Ellis, Leslie Bockus and Family (GM.New.GM26.21.124)


Miroslav Glavic
Deborah McCutcheon
Ashley Kirby, Naturopathic Candidate, c4st
Dan Welland
Wendy Cockburn, Canadians For Safe Technology
Kristin Morrison
Veronica Ciandre
Michael Lizotte, Practical EMF Remedies and Electrical Services
Rob Metzinger, President, Safe Living Technologies
Barbara Payne
Arlene Dewdney
Councillor Josh Matlow


1 - Motion to Amend Item (Additional) moved by Councillor Pam McConnell (Redundant)



1.         City Council request the City Manager to explore the possibility of expanding public wi-fi service to the City's public realm, including parks, City squares, BIAs, and the TTC to promote economic development, tourism, respond to an equity gap and improve the quality of life for Toronto residents.


2.         City Council direct that the City issue a Request for an Expression of Interest in 2014 for potential private sector and not for profit partners to see this initiative through to fruition.


3.         City Council direct that a pilot project for free public wifi hotspots in Nathan Phillips Square be undertaken in 2014 subject to the budget process.

2 - Motion to Defer Item Indefinitely moved by Councillor Mary Fragedakis (Carried)

That the Government Management Committee defer consideration of the item indefinitely.

Source: Toronto City Clerk at