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  • This item was considered by Executive Committee on January 24, 2012. The Executive Committee has referred this item to an official or other body without making a decision. Consult the text of the decision for further information on the referral.

EX15.16 - Enhancing the City of Toronto's Engagement with Citizens, Transforming City Hall

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Committee Decision

The Executive Committee requested the City Manager and the City Clerk to report to the Government Management Committee on the letter (January 10, 2012) from Councillor Paul Ainslie, which includes the following recommendations:


"1.        The City Manager and City Clerk report on measures already underway to improve the way notice is given for formal and informal meetings and open houses, and on any additional actions City Council can take to improve the way residents and businesses are given notice of things which affect them.


2.         The City Manager report on ways to increase public participation in the budget process including the number of annual budget information sessions across Toronto.


3.         The City Manager and/or City Clerk, as appropriate, report on the feasibility of the following electoral reforms:


a.         Holding elections on Saturday or Sundays

b.         Using ranked ballots and instant run-off voting

c.         Improving the City's elections website including a ward search information, links to candidates' web sites and contact information

d.         Pro-actively promoting the nominations process and encouraging nominations


4.         The City Manager report on the feasibility of providing child care for all public meetings hosted by the  City of Toronto to increase the participation by parents of small children."


(January 10, 2012) Letter from Councillor Paul Ainslie


Like numerous other Members of Council, I had the pleasure to attend a most interesting exhibit on transforming City Hall late last year.  "The Fourth Wall: Transforming City Hall" was an exhibit at the Urban Space Gallery curated by Dave Meslin.   It closed on December 31, 2011.


The exhibit contained 36 different proposals for ways to enhance the City's engagement with citizens.  Before leaving, those attending the exhibit were asked to endorse their favourite proposals by placing a coloured dot on a graphical representation of the proposals.   (A copy of the full list of proposals is attached.)


Like others who attended, I voted with my own series of dots.   I'd like to take a step further by now recommending the City take action or study many of these proposals.


While there may be statutory or budgetary obstacles for implementation of some of the following measures, I believe it is nevertheless important for Council to be educated on the merits of these proposals so it may consider all options available to it now, and in the future. 

Background Information

(January 10, 2012) Letter from Councillor Paul Ainslie on Enhancing the City of Toronto's Engagement with Citizens, Transforming City Hall (EX15.16)


(January 24, 2012) E-mail from Wayne Smith, Fair Vote Canada (EX.New.EX15.16.1)
(January 24, 2012) E-mail from Miguel Avila-Velarde (EX.New.EX15.16.2)


Motion to Refer Item moved by Councillor Paul Ainslie (Carried)

That the City Manager and the City Clerk report on this matter to the Government Management Committee.

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