Item - 2012.CC22.3

Tracking Status

  • City Council adopted this item on April 10, 2012 without amendments and without debate.

CC22.3 - Report to Council on an Inquiry: Lobbying during a Toronto Transit Commission Procurement

Decision Type:
Adopted on Consent

City Council Decision

City Council on April 10 and 11, 2012, adopted the following:


1.         City Council receive the findings in report (April 3, 2012) from the Lobbyist Registrar.


2.         City Council request the Toronto Transit Commission to review its procurement policy, documents and procedures in light of the report (April 3, 2012) from the Lobbyist Registrar.


3.         City Council request that, as a best practice, the Toronto Transit Commission should seek advice from the Lobbyist Registrar before giving advice about the Lobbying By-law, or refer the parties directly to the Registrar for advice.

Background Information (City Council)

(April 3, 2012) Covering Report from the Lobbyist Registrar, submitting a Report on an Inquiry, headed "Lobbying During a Toronto Transit Commission Procurement" (CC22.3)
(April 3, 2012) Report on an Inquiry from the Lobbyist Registrar, headed "Lobbying During a Toronto Transit Commission Procurement"
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