Item - 2010.LS32.3

Tracking Status

  • This item was considered by Licensing and Standards Committee on August 13, 2010. The Licensing and Standards Committee has referred this item to an official or other body without making a decision. Consult the text of the decision for further information on the referral.

LS32.3 - Request to Present Proposal Banning Sale of Dogs and Cats in Toronto Pet Shops and Retail Market Places

Decision Type:

Committee Decision

The Licensing and Standards Committee:


a.         referred all communications and submissions received regarding this matter to the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, with a request to submit a report to the Committee in the new term of Council; and


b.         requested the City Clerk to advise all registered speakers when the staff report is available and be given the opportunity to address the Committee in the order listed as of August 13, 2010.

Decision Advice and Other Information

The Licensing and Standards Committee decided not to hear the presentations.


Councillor Rob Ford recorded his vote in the negative.


(August 10, 2010) Memo from Councillor Howard Moscoe, Ward 15 Eglinton-Lawrence


Request to present proposal banning sale of dogs and cats in Toronto pet shops and retail market places.

Background Information

(August 10, 2010) Memo from Councillor Howard Moscoe, Ward 15 Eglinton-Lawrence
Letter and Attachments from Dean Maher


(August 7, 2010) E-mail from Dr. Erika Crispo, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto (LS.New.LS32.3.1)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Minda Lee (LS.New.LS32.3.2)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Tita Zierer (LS.New.LS32.3.3)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Michelle Rm (LS.New.LS32.3.4)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Paul Fortin (LS.New.LS32.3.5)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Ian Purdy (LS.New.LS32.3.6)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Caroline Hall (LS.New.LS32.3.7)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Lynn Kavanagh (LS.New.LS32.3.8)
(August 9, 2010) E-mail from Toby Powers and Nilton Costa (LS.New.LS32.3.9)
(August 10, 2010) E-mail from Shannon Clark (LS.New.LS32.3.10)
(August 10, 2010) E-mail from Janet Zopfi (LS.New.LS32.3.11)
(August 10, 2010) E-mail from Barbi Lazarus (LS.New.LS32.3.12)
(August 11, 2010) E-mail from Lea Shayuk (LS.New.LS32.3.13)
(August 11, 2010) E-mail from Jamie Baxter Camp and Lindsay Baxter (LS.New.LS32.3.14)
(August 11, 2010) E-mail from Jennifer Moore (LS.New.LS32.3.15)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from J H (LS.New.LS32.3.16)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Demi Karpouzos (LS.New.LS32.3.17)
(August 12, 2010) Letter from Louis McCann, Executive Director, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) Canada (LS.New.LS32.3.18)
(August 12, 2010) Letter from Stacey Halliday, Director of Marketing, PJ's Pets (LS.New.LS32.3.19)
(August 12, 2010) Letter from Michaela Sandhu (LS.New.LS32.3.20)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Dr. Erika Sullivan (LS.New.LS32.3.21)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Ruth Full (LS.New.LS32.3.22)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Cheryl Seibel (LS.New.LS32.3.23)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from JoAnn Visaretis (LS.New.LS32.3.24)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Rob Goddard, President, Helping Homeless Pets (LS.New.LS32.3.25)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Sue Coules (LS.New.LS32.3.26)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Carol Cohen (LS.New.LS32.3.27)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Diane Reilly (LS.New.LS32.3.28)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Kim Gladding (LS.New.LS32.3.29)
(August 12, 2010) E-mail from Nikki Strumenik (LS.New.LS32.3.30)
(August 10, 2010) E-mail from KerryVinson, Animal Behaviour Consultants (LS.New.LS32.3.31)
(August 12, 2010) Letter from V.A. Kalbol, Abandoned Cats Rescue (LS.New.LS32.3.32)
(August 13, 2010) Letter from Laura Jany (LS.New.LS32.3.33)
(August 13, 2010) E-mail from Brenda Morris (LS.New.LS32.3.34)


1 - Motion to Refer Item moved by Councillor Mike Feldman (Carried)

That the Committee not hear deputations and refer all the communications regarding the proposal to ban the sale of dogs and cats in Toronto pet shops and retail market places, to staff for a report to the Committee at the next meeting in the new year and requested to hear deputations in the order in which they were received.

Source: Toronto City Clerk at