Executive Committee

Meeting No.:
8 (Special)
Frances Pritchard, Manager
Meeting Date:
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Start Time:
9:30 AM
Committee Room 1, City Hall
Mayor Rob Ford

Executive Committee

Mayor Rob Ford (Chair)

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday (Vice Chair)

Councillor Paul Ainslie

Councillor Michelle Berardinetti

Councillor Michael Del Grande

Councillor Norm Kelly

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti

Councillor Peter Milczyn

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong

Councillor Cesar Palacio

Councillor Jaye Robinson

Councillor David Shiner

Councillor Michael Thompson


Members of Council and Staff: Please keep this agenda and the accompanying material until the City Council meeting dealing with these matters has ended.


Special Assistance for Members of the Public: City staff can arrange for special assistance with some advance notice. If you need special assistance, please call (416-392-8485), TTY 416-338-0889 or e-mail exc@toronto.ca ).


Closed Meeting Requirements: If the Executive Committee wants to meet in closed session (privately), a member of the committee must make a motion to do so and give the reason why the Committee has to meet privately. (City of Toronto Act, 2006)


Notice to People Writing or making presentations to the Executive Committee: The City of Toronto Act, 2006 and the City of Toronto Municipal Code authorize the City of Toronto to collect any personal information in your communication or presentation to City Council or its committees. The City collects this information to enable it to make informed decisions on the relevant issue(s). If you are submitting letters, faxes, e-mails, presentations or other communications to the City, you should be aware that your name and the fact that you communicated with the City will become part of the public record and will appear on the City's website. The City will also make your communication and any personal information in it - such as your postal address, telephone number or e-mail address - available to the public, unless you expressly request the City to remove it.


The City makes a video record of committee and community council meetings. If you make a presentation to a committee or community council, the City will be video-recording you and City staff may make the video record available to the public.


If you want to learn more about why and how the City collects your information, write to the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto ON M5H 2N2 or by calling 416-392-8485.  


This agenda and any supplementary materials submitted to the City Clerk can be found online at www.toronto.ca/council. Visit the website for access to all agendas, reports, decisions and minutes of City Council and its committees.



Declarations of Interest under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.



EX8.1 - Core Service Review

Consideration Type:


(July 21, 2011) Report from the City Manager


The City Manager recommends that:


1.         The Executive Committee consider the List of Opportunities identified in Appendix A, Part 2 of the report, Core Service Review, as part of meeting the 2012 budget reduction targets and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for its September 19, 2011 meeting.


2.         The Executive Committee request the City Manager to review the List of Opportunities to ensure service efficiencies are maximized to meet the 2012 budget targets and multi-year service and financial planning objectives and report directly to Executive Committee for its September 19, 2011 meeting.


The purpose of this report is to transmit the Core Service Review Summary and Service Profiles prepared by KPMG LLP and the results of the public consultation, for consideration by Standing Committees at special meetings scheduled between July 18, 2011 and July 28, 2011.  Service Profiles of the City's governance functions and the City's agencies will be considered by Executive Committee on July 28, 2011.  The City Manager will report further on the Core Service Review to the Executive Committee at its September 19, 2011 meeting, including providing comments on recommendations coming forward from the Special Standing Committee meetings.


The Service Review Program includes: a Core Service Review that examines which services the City should be delivering, Service Efficiency Studies that examine service levels and how specific City services are delivered to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective service delivery, and a User Fee Review that examines all user fees currently in place to determine the extent to which they are fair and collect the full cost of providing the service.


The Service Review Program is being undertaken in 2011 in preparation for the 2012 Budget Process.  In 2011, the City will set the foundation for its services and service levels to establish the basis for multi-year planning and service delivery to meet its budgetary objectives in 2012 and beyond.

Financial Impact

The City is facing difficult decisions in 2012 and future years to meet its budget challenges. The City currently has a 2012 beginning operating spending pressure estimated at $774 million. The annual stabilization of one-time short term sources of funding must be replaced with expenditure reductions to ensure a long-term sustainable operating budget for the City of Toronto.


The Core Service Review is intended to align City services and service levels within the context of the 2012 Operating Budget.  The Core Service Review opportunities identified by KPMG LLP along with the User Fee Review and Service Efficiency Studies are tools to assist in meeting the 2012 budget challenges.


The Deputy City Manager/Chief Financial Officer has reviewed this report and agrees with the financial impact information.

Background Information

(July 21, 2011) Staff Report - Core Service Review
(July 7, 2011) Appendix A, Part 1 - KPMG Final Report to the City Manager
(July 21, 2011) Appendix A, Part 2 - KPMG Standing Committee Summary, Executive Committee
(July 21, 2011) Appendix B - Core Service Review, Public Consultation
(July 28, 2011) KPMG Presentation


(June 30, 2011) E-mail from Steven Wood, Executive Committee, People Plan Toronto (PPT) (EX.Main.EX8.1.1)
(July 19, 2011) E-mail from Michael Black (EX.Main.EX8.1.2)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Richard Longley (EX.Main.EX8.1.3)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Matt Wood, Executive Director, First Work - The Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres (OAYEC) (EX.Main.EX8.1.4)
(July 19, 2011) E-mail from Kelly Goodfellow (EX.Main.EX8.1.5)
(July 20, 2011) Fax from Rick Smith, Ph.D., Executive Director, Environmental Defence Inspiring Change (EX.Main.EX8.1.6)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Dunstan Morey (EX.Main.EX8.1.7)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Guy Burry (EX.Main.EX8.1.8)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Ted Reeve, Executive Director, Faith & Common Good (EX.Main.EX8.1.9)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Randy Sa'd, Strategic Development, Harbourfront Centre (EX.Main.EX8.1.10)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from 26,995 individuals submitted via the petition website ourpubliclibrary.to (EX.Supp.EX8.1.11)
(July 25, 2011) E-mail from Tom Heintzman, Bullfrog Power Inc. (EX.Supp.EX8.1.12)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Stephanie Rogerson (EX.Supp.EX8.1.13)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Rollo Myers (EX.Supp.EX8.1.14)
(July 20, 2011) E-mail from Janice N. Dembo (EX.Supp.EX8.1.15)
(July 21, 2011) E-mail from Arnie Rose (EX.Supp.EX8.1.16)
(July 21, 2011) E-mail from Miguel Avila (EX.Supp.EX8.1.17)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Jaigris Hodson (EX.Supp.EX8.1.18)
(July 21, 2011) Letter from Ashley Taylor, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., Sustainability Coordinator, University of Toronto (EX.Supp.EX8.1.19)
(July 25, 2011) E-mail from Jon Chaisson (EX.Supp.Ex8.1.20)
(July 25, 2011) E-mail from Dave Clark (EX.Supp.EX8.1.21)
(July 22, 2011) E-mail from Pat Gracey (EX.Supp.EX8.1.22)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Maureen O'Reilly, President, Toronto Public Library Workers' Union, Local 4948 (CUPE) (EX.Supp.EX8.1.23)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Bruna Nota (EX.Supp.EX8.1.24)
(July 23, 2011) E-mail from Frank Wallace (EX.Supp.EX8.1.25)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Brian McLean (EX.Supp.EX8.1.26)
(July 24, 2011) E-mail from Nicole Lajoie (EX.Supp.EX8.1.27)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Andrew James Paterson (EX.Supp.EX8.1.28)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Taylor Raths, General Manager, Yonge-Dundas Square (EX.Supp.EX8.1.29)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from George Kozyrakis, General Manager, AutoShare (EX.New.EX8.1.30)
(July 25, 2011) Letter from William J.S. Boyle, Chief Executive Officer, Heart of Toronto's Waterfront (EX.New.EX8.1.31)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Tony O'Donohue re: The First Project of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (1993-4) (EX.New.PE8.1.32)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Honourable Art Eggleton, P.C., The Senate of Canada (EX.New.PE8.1.33)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Jack Gibbons, Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance (EX.New.EX8.1.34)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Tony O'Donohue, P.Eng re: The Langstaff Jail Farm (1912-1992) (EX.New.EX8.1.35)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Roger Smith, Fleet Challenge (EX.New.EX8.1.36)
(July 25, 2011) E-mail from Rod Layman, Parkdale United Church Foundation, Green Phoenix Project Coordinator (EX.New.EX8.1.37)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from GYRA - The Greater Yorkville Residents' Association (EX.New.PE8.1.38)
(July 25, 2011) E-mail from Centre for Social Innovation re: Toronto Atmospheric Fund (EX.New.EX8.1.39)
(July 11, 2011) E-mail from Richard Christie, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Toronto District School Board (EX.New.EX8.1.40)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Jeff Van Damme, Regional Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Nissan (EX.New.EX8.1.41)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Jason P. Easton, Dorporate Communications Manager, General Motors of Canda Ltd. (EX.New.EX8.1.42)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Jeanne Cover (EX.New.PE8.1.43)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Cheryl MacKay (EX.New.EX8.1.44)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Steven Martin, Business Manager, Financial Secretary, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 353 (EX.New.EX8.1.45)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Geoffrey E. Geduld, President, North York Historical Society (EX.New.EX8.1.46)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Edith Geduld, Past Chair, North York Community Preservation Panel (EX.New.EX8.1.47)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Erika Squires (EX.New.EX8.1.48)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Dorothy G. Murray (EX.New.EX8.1.49)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Noellie Sotomayor, Student Nutrition Community Development Animator, FoodShare Toronto (EX.New.EX8.1.50)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Douglas Cameron (EX.New.EX8.1.51)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from David Wencer (EX.New.EX8.1.52)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Daniel D. Brambilla, Chief Executive Officer, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (EX.New.EX8.1.53)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Rebecca Carson, Heritage Toronto (EX.New.EX8.1.54)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Ana Tinsley (EX.New.EX8.1.55)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Margaret Chow, Chair, Board of Directors, Asian Community AIDS Services (EX.New.EX8.1.56)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Marc van Beusekom re Toronto Atmospheric Fund (EX.New.EX8.1.57)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Arlene Clement, Chair, Board of Directors, Parkdale Community Information Centre (EX.New.EX8.1.58)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp, Executive Director, Asian Community AIDS Services (EX.New.EX8.1.59)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Maria Carmen C. Cruz, ByberWave Web Design (EX.New.EX8.1.60)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Marni Van Dyk (EX.New.EX8.1.61)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Mary Cowper-Smith (EX.New.EX8.1.62)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Submitted by Lakeshore Arts; Urban Arts, Scarborough Arts and Arts Etobicoke (EX.New.EX8.1.63)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Ann Dembinski, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE Local 79 (EX.New.EX8.1.64)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Sheila Braidek, Executive Director, Regent Park Community Health Centre (EX.New.EX8.1.65)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Michael Shapcott, Director, Housing Wellesley Institute (EX.New.EX8.1.66)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Toronto and York Region Labour Council (Cope 343) (EX.New.EX8.1.67)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Joe Deschenes Smith re: Home Ownership Alternatives (EX.New.EX8.1.68)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Mary Salerno, York-Fairbank Centre for Seniors, Volunteers and Board of Directors (EX.New.EX8.1.69)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Alanna Fletcher (EX.New.EX8.1.70)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Dawn Suzuki (EX.New.EX8.1.71)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Howard Chang, President & CEO, TOPDRAWERCREATIVE Inc. (EX.New.EX8.1.72)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Dunstan Morey (EX.New.EX8.1.73)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Larry Webb (EX.New.EX8.1.74)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Olivia Krowicka (EX.New.EX8.1.75)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Mary Louise Ashbourne, President, Weston Historical Society (EX.New.EX8.1.76)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Rechna Varma (EX.New.EX8.1.77)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Lee Pui Ming (EX.New.EX8.1.78)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Carla Mundwiler, Bloor/Gladstone Library Local (EX.New.EX8.1.79)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Liam Mitchell (EX.New.EX8.1.80)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Amy Lam, President, Board of Directors, Art Metropole (EX.New.EX8.1.81)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Steph Kohout (EX.New.EX8.1.82)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Ashleigh Dalton (EX.New.EX8.1.83)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Eva Bencze (EX.New.EX8.1.84)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Jim Vernon (EX.New.EX8.1.85)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Chase Lo (EX.New.EX8.1.86)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Liz White (EX.New.EX8.1.87)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Perry Voulgaris (EX.New.EX8.1.88)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Ari Gross, Institute for the History and Philisophy of Science and Technology, Victoria College, University of Toronto (EX.New.EX8.1.89)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Susan M. Knisch, Executive Director, Community Information Fairview (EX.New.EX8.1.90)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Maya Roy, Executive Director, Newcomer Women's Services Toronto (EX.Main.EX8.1.91)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Alex McClelland, AIDS Action Now, Steering Committee Member (EX.New.EX8.1.92)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Jenny Carr-Moller (EX.New.EX8.1.93)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Miguel Avila (EX.New.EX8.1.94)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Michelle Langlois (EX.New.EX8.1.95)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Rechna Varma (EX.New.EX8.1.96)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Alex M. Grenzebach (EX.New.EX8.1.97)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Joan Gibson (EX.New.EX8.1.98)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Kimberly Curry (EX.New.EX8.1.99)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Erika Squires (EX.New.EX8.1.100)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Buffy Childerhose (EX.New.EX8.1.101)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Sam Mo (EX.New.EX8.1.102)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Alana Boltwood, Independent Consultant in Public Sector Information Management (EX.New.EX8.1.103)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Marusia (EX.New.EX8.1.104)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Jeremy Finkelstein (EX.New.EX8.1.105)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Diane Thomson (EX.New.EX8.1.106)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Carol Graham (EX.New.EX8.1.107)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Nicole Greenspan (EX.New.EX8.1.108)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Cindy Wilkey (ISAC) on behalf of West Don Lands Committee (EX.New.EX8.1.109)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Bronwyn Undershill obo Toronto Community Health Centres (EX.New.EX8.1.110)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Susan Aihoshi (EX.New.EX8.1.111)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Clio Godkewitsch (EX.New.EX8.1.112)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Allison Henriques (EX.New.EX8.1.113)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Atrisha Lewis, Volunteer Member of the Board of Directors of Central Neighbourhood House (EX.New.EX8.1.114)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Cathy Crowe, RN, Street Nurse (EX.New.EX8.1.115)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Jacquelyn W. Chua (EX.New.EX8.1.116)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Anita Agrwal, Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations (EX.New.EX8.1.117)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Karina Dahlin (EX.New.EX8.1.118)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Corey Scott (EX.New.EX8.1.119)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Bronwyn Underhill, Health Promoter at Fairview Community Health (EX.New.EX8.1.120)
(July 25, 2011) E-mail from Carolina Irigoyen, Owner, The Village by High Park (EX.New.EX8.1.121)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from June MacDonald (EX.New.EX8.1.122)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Josephine Gray (EX.New.EX8.1.123)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from John Rait (EX.New.EX8.1.124)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Karen Buck, President, Citizens for a Safe Environment (EX.New.EX8.1.125)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Paul Codd (EX.New.EX8.1.126)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Geoff MacBride, President, Toronto Paramedic Association (TPA) (EX.New.EX8.1.127)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Linda Chamberlain obo Alliance for a Poverty-free Toronto (EX.New.EX8.1.128)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Wendy Komiotis, Executive Director, Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) (EX.New.EX8.1.129)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Hazel Jackson (EX.New.EX8.1.130)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Alex McClelland, AIDS Action Now, Steering Committee Member (EX.New.EX8.1.131)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Haran Vijayanathan, obo Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) (EX.Main.EX8.1.132)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Michaela Allen (EX.New.EX8.1.133)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Gary Hepworth (EX.New.EX8.1.134)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Gurbeen Bhasin obo David Kelley, LGBTQ Counseling Services (EX.New.EX8.1.135)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Clarice Ondrack (EX.New.EX8.1.136)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Atrisha Lewis. volunteer memberof the Board of Directors of Central Neighbourhood House (EX.New.EX8.1.137)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Larry Webb (EX.New.EX8.1.138)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Linsey MacPhee, Manager, Toronto Drop-in Network (EX.New.EX8.1.139)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Carol Weber (EX.New.EX8.1.140)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Jeremy Finkelstein (EX.New.EX8.1.141)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Heyleen Leonardo (EX.New.EX8.1.142)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Hassan Fazl, President, Afghan Canadian Seniors Centre (EX.New.EX8.1.143)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Farrah Khan,Barbra Schlifer Commemmorative Clinic (EX.New.EX8.1.144)
(July 28, 2011) E-mail from Deborah Gardner, Executive Director, Volunteer Toronto (EX.New.EX8.1.145)
(August 4, 2011) Submission from Mona Piper, Executive President and Ida Baan, Executive Secretary, School Crossing Guard Association of Toronto (EX.New.EX8.1.146)
(July 21, 2011) E-mail from R.V. Rooman (EX.New.EX8.1.147)
(July 22, 2011) E-mail from Kerry McKee (EX.New.EX8.1.148)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Michael Dorang (EX.New.EX8.1.149)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Gabi Hawlitschek (EX.New.EX8.1.150)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Lyn Gemmell (EX.New.EX8.1.151)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Sandra Brunner (EX.New.EX8.1.152)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Jerry Tutunjian (EX.New.EX8.1.153)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Jean Ann Ledwell (EX.New.EX8.1.154)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Deborah Tennant (EX.New.EX8.1.155)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Janice Israeloff (EX.New.EX8.1.156)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Lyn (EX.New.EX8.1.157)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Rosanne Renzetti (EX.New.EX8.1.158)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Sara Marlowe (EX.New.EX8.1.159)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Erich Volk (EX.New.EX8.1.160)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Jim Thompson (EX.New.EX8.1.161)
(July 26, 2011) E-mail from Suri Weinberg-Linsky (EX.New.EX8.1.162)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Cassie Barker (EX.New.EX8.1.163)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Kathy Withers (EX.New.EX8.1.164)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Norman Kelly (EX.New.EX8.1.165)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Kersti Kahar (EX.New.EX8.1.166)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Zahava Lambert (EX.New.EX8.1.167)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Jennifer Hann (EX.New.EX8.1.168)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Gerta Moray (EX.New.EX8.1.169)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Krista Wylie (EX.New.EX8.1.170)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Rebecca Murphy (EX.New.EX8.1.171)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Helen Breslauer (EX.New.EX8.1.172)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Sue Robinson (EX.New.EX8.1.173)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Allison Jack (EX.New.EX8.1.174)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Katherine Thomas (EX.New.EX8.1.175)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Judy Friesen (EX.New.EX8.1.176)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from David Simmons (EX.New.EX8.1.177)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from David Simmons (EX.New.EX8.1.178)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Carly Brake (EX.New.EX8.1.179)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Ronald & Evelun Mackenzie (EX.New.EX8.1.180)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Idella Sturino (EX.New.EX8.1.181)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Deanna Di Lello (EX.New.EX8.1.182)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Kathy Dillon (EX.New.EX8.1.183)
(July 27, 2011) E-mail from Buffy Childerhose (EX.New.EX8.1.184)
(August 23, 2011) E-mail from Maureen O'Reilly, President, Toronto Public Library Workers' Union (EX.Main.EX8.1.185)

1a - Core Service Review - Toronto Public Health

(July 26, 2011) Letter from the Board of Health

The Board of Health on July 26, 2011:  


1.         Recommended to the Executive Committee that:


a.         current municipal funding to the Student Nutrition Program be maintained.


b.         the City of Toronto continue to provide essential dental services to low income children and seniors who would not otherwise have access to such services until such time as provincially funded programs are available to meet this need.


2.         Communicated to the Executive Committee its agreement with the findings of the Core Service Review for those cost-shared public health programs legally mandated by the Ontario Public Health Program Standards under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA).


Submitting the decision of the Board of Health from its meeting of July 26, 2011.
Background Information
Letter from the Board of Health
Staff Report from Board of Health

1b - Toronto Public Library Board - Core Service Review

(July 27, 2011) Letter from the City Librarian

The Toronto Public Library Board, at its meeting on July 26, 2011, adopted the following motion in considering the City Manager’s report concerning the Toronto Public Library’s Core Service Review:


It is recommended that the Toronto Public Library Board:


1.         defers consideration of the City Manager’s report until the September 13, 2011 Library Board meeting.


2.         requests KPMG representatives to attend the September 13, 2011 Library Board meeting.


3.         requests the City Librarian to report on the status of the service efficiency studies.



The Toronto Public Library, submitting a letter from its meeting of July 26, 2011.

Background Information
Letter from the Toronto Public Library Board

1c - Toronto Police Services Board - Response to the City of Torontos Core Service Review - Options and Opportunities

(July 27, 2011) Report from the Acting Chair, Toronto Police Services Board

The Toronto Police Services Board recommends that:


1.               The Executive Committee receive this report for information.



The purpose of this report is to advise the City of Toronto Executive Committee that the Toronto Police Services Board will assess the options/opportunities contained in the Core Service Review prepared by KPMG LLP.

Financial Impact

There are no financial implications related to the receipt of this report.



Background Information
Report from the Toronto Police Services Board
Source: Toronto City Clerk at www.toronto.ca/council