Government Management Committee

Meeting No.:
6 (Special)
Merle MacDonald, Committee Administrator
Meeting Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Start Time:
9:30 AM
Committee Room 1, City Hall
Councillor Paul Ainslie

Government Management Committee

Councillor Paul Ainslie, Chair

Councillor Vincent Crisanti, Vice Chair

Councillor Doug Ford

Councillor John Filion

Councillor Pam McConnell

Councillor Jaye Robinson


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Declarations of Interest under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act


Speakers/Presentations – A complete list will be distributed at the meeting.




GM6.1 - Core Service Review

Consideration Type:


(July 19, 2011) Report from from the City Manager


The City Manager recommends that:


1.         The Government Management Committee consider the List of Opportunities identified in Appendix A, Part 2 of the report, Core Service Review, as part of meeting the 2012 budget reduction targets and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for its September 19, 2011 meeting.


2.         The Government Management Committee request the City Manager to review the List of Opportunities to ensure service efficiencies are maximized to meet the 2012 budget targets and multi-year service and financial planning objectives and report directly to Executive Committee for its September 19, 2011 meeting.



The purpose of this report is to transmit the Core Service Review Summary and Service Profiles prepared by KPMG LLP and the results of the public consultation, for consideration by Standing Committees at special meetings scheduled between July 18, 2011 and July 28, 2011.  Service Profiles of the City's governance functions and the City's agencies will be considered by Executive Committee on July 28, 2011.  The City Manager will report further on the Core Service Review to the Executive Committee at its September 19, 2011 meeting, including providing comments on recommendations coming forward from the Special Standing Committee meetings.


The Service Review Program includes: a Core Service Review that examines which services the City should be delivering, Service Efficiency Studies that examine service levels and how specific City services are delivered to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective service delivery, and a User Fee Review that examines all user fees currently in place to determine the extent to which they are fair and collect the full cost of providing the service.


The Service Review Program is being undertaken in 2011 in preparation for the 2012 Budget Process.  In 2011, the City will set the foundation for its services and service levels to establish the basis for multi-year planning and service delivery to meet its budgetary objectives in 2012 and beyond.

Financial Impact


The City is facing difficult decisions in 2012 and future years to meet its budget challenges. The City currently has a 2012 beginning operating spending pressure estimated at $774 million. The annual stabilization of one-time short term sources of funding must be replaced with expenditure reductions to ensure a long-term sustainable operating budget for the City of Toronto. 


The Core Service Review is intended to align City services and service levels within the context of the 2012 Operating Budget.  The Core Service Review opportunities identified by KPMG LLP along with the User Fee Review and Service Efficiency Studies are tools to assist in meeting the 2012 budget challenges. 


The Deputy City Manager/Chief Financial Officer has reviewed this report and agrees with the financial impact information.

Background Information

(July 19, 2011) Staff Report - Core Service Review
(July 7, 2011) Appendix A, Part 1 - KPMG Final Report to the City Manager
(July 19, 2011) Appendix A, Part 2 - KPMG Standing Committee Summary, Government Management Committee
(July 19, 2011) Appendix B - Core Service Review, Public Consultation
(July 26, 2011) Presentation from the City Manager on the Service Review Program: Core Service Review
(July 26, 2011) Presentation from KPMG on City Toronto Core Service Project


(June 30, 2011) E-mail from Steven Wood, Executive Committee, People Plan Toronto (PPT) (GM.Main.GM6.1.1)
(July 18, 2011) E-mail from Rick Jamieson (GM.New.GM6.1.2)
(July 22, 2011) E-mail from Amy Cameron (GM.New.GM6.1.3)
(July 26, 2011) Letter from Ann Dembinski, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 79, re 311 (GM.New.GM6.1.4)
(July 26, 2011) Letter from Ann Dembinski, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 79, re Facilities and Real Estate, Facilities Management - Custodial Care, Finance and Administration and 311 (GM.New.GM6.1.5)
(July 26, 2011) Letter from Ann Dembinski, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 79, re Facilities and Real Estate - Custodial Care (GM.New.GM6.1.6)
(July 26, 2011) Submission from Andy Manahan, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) (GM.New.GM6.1.7)
(July 26, 2011) Submission from Trish O'Brien and Chris Idrovo, CUPE Local 79 (GM.New.GM6.1.8)
Source: Toronto City Clerk at