Parks and Environment Committee

Meeting No.:
6 (Special)
Kelly McCarthy, Committee Administrator
Meeting Date:
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Start Time:
9:30 AM
Committee Room 1, City Hall
Councillor Norman Kelly

PE6.1 - Core Service Review

Decision Type:

Committee Decision

The Parks and Environment Committee on July 21, 2011, recommended to the Executive Committee that:


1.                 The Executive Committee consider the opportunities contained in Appendix A, Part 2, of the KPMG Standing Committee Summary for Parks and Environment Committee.

Decision Advice and Other Information

The Parks and Environment Committee:


1.         Requested the City Manager to review the List of Opportunities to ensure service efficiencies are maximized to meet the 2012 budget targets and multi-year service and financial planning objectives and report directly to the Executive Committee.


2.         Requested the City Manager, in his report to the Executive Committee on September 19, 2011, to include the implications of the proposed service reductions for Parks and Environment by KPMG.


3.         Requested the General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation to report to the September 15, 2011 meeting of the Parks and Environment Committee on how a community board governance model may be included with the Parks Plan consultation process.


The following gave presentations to the Parks and Environment Committee:


-           City Manager

-           Craig Fossay, Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG

-           Glen Sloutsky, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Performance & Technology Services, KPMG

-           Brian V. Bourns, Advisory Services, Public Sector, KPMG



(July 14, 2011) Report from the City Manager


The purpose of this report is to transmit the Core Service Review Summary and Service Profiles prepared by KPMG LLP and the results of the public consultation, for consideration by Standing Committees at special meetings scheduled between July 18, 2011 and July 28, 2011.  Service Profiles of the City's governance functions and the City's agencies will be considered by Executive Committee on July 28, 2011.  The City Manager will report further on the Core Service Review to the Executive Committee at its September 19, 2011 meeting, including providing comments on recommendations coming forward from the Special Standing Committee meetings.


The Service Review Program includes: a Core Service Review that examines which services the City should be delivering, Service Efficiency Studies that examine service levels and how specific City services are delivered to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective service delivery, and a User Fee Review that examines all user fees currently in place to determine the extent to which they are fair and collect the full cost of providing the service.


The Service Review Program is being undertaken in 2011 in preparation for the 2012 Budget Process.  In 2011, the City will set the foundation for its services and service levels to establish the basis for multi-year planning and service delivery to meet its budgetary objectives in 2012 and beyond.


Background Information

(July 14, 2011) Report from the City Manager on the Core Service Review
(July 7, 2011) Appendix A, Part 1 - KPMG Final Report to the City Manager
(July 14, 2011) Appendix A, Part 2 - KPMG Standing Committee Summary, Parks and Environment
(July 14, 2011) Appendix B - Core Service Review, Public Consultation
(July 21, 2011) City Manager's Presentation
(July 21, 2011) KPMG Presentation


(July 14, 2011) E-mail from Jennifer Deyell MacNaughton (PE.New.PE6.1.1)
(July 14, 2011) E-mail from Heather Rolleston (PE.New.PE6.1.2)
(July 14, 2011) E-mail from Jane Robinson (PE.New.PE6.1.3)
(July 14, 2011) E-mail from Doug Bennet (PE.New.PE6.1.4)
(July 14, 2011) E-mail from Marion Payne (PE.New.PE6.1.5)
(July 14, 2011) E-mail from Karen Thurnau (PE.New.PE6.1.6)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Christine Cardoso (PE.New.PE6.1.7)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Lisa Burke (PE.New.PE6.1.8)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Chantelle Bramley (PE.New.PE6.1.8)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Victoria Hadden (PE.New.PE6.1.9)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Peter Banting (PE.New.PE6.1.10)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Annelies Weiser (PE.New.PE6.1.11)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Tara Donovan (PE.New.PE6.1.12)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Douglas Worts (PE.New.PE6.1.13)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Sheila Warren and Family (PE.New.PE6.1.14)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Corey Levin (PE.New.PE6.1.15)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Dirk Townsend (PE.New.PE6.1.16)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Andrea Burke (PE.New.PE6.1.17)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from John Cartwright, Toronto & York Region Labour Council (PE.New.PE6.1.18)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Amanda Crocker (PE.New.PE6.1.19)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Patricia Milne (PE.New.PE6.1.20)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Joanne Davies and Thomas Davies (PE.New.PE6.1.21)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Ann Kay (PE.New.PE6.1.22)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Ray Gates (PE.New.PE6.1.23)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Laura Cooper (PE.New.PE6.1.24)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Carrie Klassen (PE.New.PE6.1.25)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Matt MacLennan (PE.New.PE6.1.26)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Heather Chernofsky (PE.New.PE6.1.27)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Jacqui Burton (PE.New.Pe6.1.28)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Ruth and Eric Miller (PE.New.PE6.1.29)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Ken Caskenette (PE.New.PE6.1.30)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Alison Walden (PE.New.PE6.1.31)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Lisa and Dris Rychlik (PE.New.PE6.1.32)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Peter Munns (PE.New.PE6.1.33)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Kathy Goulding (PE.New.PE6.1.34)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Eric Robinson (PE.New.PE6.1.35)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Judy Creer (PE.New.PE6.1.36)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Scott Young (PE.New.PE6.1.37)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Oona Craig (PE.New.PE6.1.38)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Susanne Hudson (PE.New.PE6.1.39)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Randy Brown (PE.New.PE6.1.40)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Laura Lenz (PE.New.PE6.1.41)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from George Pyron (PE.New.PE6.1.42)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Susan V. Corrigan (PE.New.PE6.1.43)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Betty White (PE.New.PE6.1.44)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Casey Conklin (PE.New.PE6.1.45)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Paul Cantin (PE.New.PE6.1.46)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Laurence Packer (PE.New.PE6.1.47)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Bonnie and Jerry Good (PE.New.PE6.1.48)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Juliet Palmer (PE.New.PE6.1.49)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from The Lenz Family (PE.New.PE6.1.50)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Brad Berg (PE.New.PE6.1.51)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Jennifer Howard (PE.New.PE6.1.52)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Hector Catre (PE.New.PE6.1.53)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Margaret Flood (PE.New.PE6.1.54)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Irene Bailey (PE.New.PE6.1.55)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Rosanna Sanzo (PE.New.PE6.1.56)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Diane Sullivan (PE.New.PE61.57)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Joan Olsen (PE.New.PE6.1.58)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Marni Jackson (PE.New.PE6.1.59)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Matthew and Monika Hencz (PE.New.PE6.1.60)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Selina Bannerman (PE.New.PE6.1.61)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Katherine Ashenbuug (PE.New.PE6.1.62)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from G. Turner (PE.New.PE6.1.63)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Sally Gibson (PE.New.PE6.1.64)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Virginia Hamara (PE.New.PE6.1.65)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Janet Wicks (PE.New.PE6.1.66)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Melissa Freedman (PE.New.PE6.1.67)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Dr. Clare Pain, Msc, FRCPC (PE.New.PE6.1.68)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Linda Pettigrew (PE.New.PE6.1.69)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Anne Peytavin (PE.New.PE6.1.70)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Simon Prince (PE.New.PE6.1.71)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Neil Davis (PE.New.PE6.1.72)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Minette von Bieberstein (PE.New.PE6.1.73)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Tammy Sturge (PE.New.PE6.1.74)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Sharon Lovett (PE.New.PE6.1.75)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Deborah Shore (PE.New.PE6.1.76)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Chris Townsend (PE.New.PE6.1.77)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Ellen Evered (PE.New.PE6.1.78)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Jenn Glass (PE.New.PE6.1.79)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Colleen Tillotson, Raul Tome and Ella Tillotson-Tome (PE.New.PE6.1.80)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Sandra Gregson (PE.New.PE6.1.81)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Emily Hencz (PE.New.PE6.1.82)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Susan Chamberlain (PE.New.PE6.1.83)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Lillian Maniscole (PE.New.PE6.1.84)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Agnieszka Kosny (PE.New.PE6.1.85)
(July 18, 2011) Multiple Communications from Casey Roswell, Marcela F. Leon, Darryl Nielsen, Steven De Quintal, Bernard V. Bieberstein, Gavin Brown, John T. Burns, Matt Cressman, Louise Aspin and Neil Fleming (PE.New.PE6.1.86 to PE6.1.95)
(July 18, 2011) Multiple Communications from Allison Morehead, Maya Wanger, Sarah Aquilina, Elizabeth Ruth, Faith Bachlow, Olga Gan, Holly Venable, Barbara Jesso, Angela Reid, Lily Lin and Dawn Hewton (PE.New.PE6.1.96 - PE6.1.106)
(July 18, 2011) Multiple Communications from Chandra Mielke, Beverley Burns, Victoria Lazier, David Eames, Bradley Hicks, Karen Chung, Julie Thompson, Jamie Baxter Camp, Helen Coltrinari and Andrea Bannister (PE.New.PE6.1.107- PE6.1.116)
(July 18, 2011) Multiple Communications from Julie and Steve Dale, Margaret McGann, Jessica Reynolds, Jennifer Blaauw, Rachael Quick, Louise Sheedy, Michael MacMillan, Gina Dineen, Sean McIntyre, Nathalie Baudais, Marina Loo, Trevor Hicks, Jackie O'Keefe, Karen Raittinen-DeSario, Nicole Cox, Jim Davis, Jana Reid, Jennifer Marcello, and Svetlana Daragatch (PE.New.PE6.1.117- PE6.1.136)
(July 19, 2011) Multiple Communications from Fern Mosoff and Paul Magder, Sharon StorrLlana Nakonechny, Adair Rounthwaite, Laura Trethewey, Adair Rounthwaite, Fern Mosoff, Kerri Clarke, Paul Mahler and Rita Bijons (PE.New.PE6.1.137 -PE6.1.146)
(July 19, 2011) Multiple Communications from Elizabeth Neale, Tara McCallSvetlana Daragatch, Kenneth Marshall, David Johnson, Sarah Steele, Debbie Kolozsvari, Jason Van Bruggen, Fredrica Mintz, William Fisk, Judi Whelpton from Beach United Church, Anthony Ketchum, Rehana Tejpar, Maureen Whelton, Jen Burt, Fallingbrook Office, Anthony Miller, Angela Bischoff, Tahsin Chowdhury, Liz Curran andSusan Aaron (PE.New.PE6.1.147-PE6.1.167)
(July 19, 2011) Multiple Communications from Judy Michaely, Hilary Wollis, Richard Longley, Joanne Pettigrew, Moe Laverty, Laura Moon, Larissa Goodyear, Grace Petrucci, Pete Low, Carolyn Steele Gray, Edythe Shand, Danette Steele, Rachel Power, John Cummings, Gabriella Kuntz, Steven Thorpe and Susan Grant, Jane Anderson, Janice Williams and Anna Thompson (PE.New.PE6.1.168-PE6.1.186)
(July 19, 2011) Multiple Communications from Ian Craine, Henry Krol, Leigh Son Hing, Tess Henwee, Scott Jones, Richard Denton, Rob Cook, Blair Feltmate, Anne Robinson, Mairi Morrison, David Robertson, Carly Gaston Linda Son Hing, Stephanie Halldorson, Sarah Colman,Sarah English, Leith Hunter, Shelagh Walsh, Dawn Woodward and Naomi Frank (PE.New.PE6.1.187 -PE6.1.206)
(July 19, 2011) Multiple Communications from John Harvey, Mary Cowper-Smith, Julie King, Shannon Neufeldt, Susan Schellenberg, Shoshana Erlich, Chris Winter, Jacquelyn Chua, Beate Ziegert, Janice Vogtle, Alisse Lee, Gwen Shandroski, Wade Hesson, David Simmons, Aaron Wieland and Julie Dabrusin (PE.New.PE6.1.207-PE6.1.222)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Craig Harper and Betty Vavougios, David Pearson, Patrick Ellard, Julia Morgan Romina Maggi, Andy O'Breslin and David Pearson (PE.New.PE6.1.223-PE6.1.229)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Lise Lotter, Debbie Kolozsvari, Veronica Callinan, Don Colby, Lisa Bonnici, Ben Bryce, Michelle Wood, Ashlee Cooper, Judith Robertson and Adila Cokar (PE.New.PE6.1.230-PE6.1.239)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Barbara Mercer, Frank Chester, Patti Lennox, Lenni Jabour, Trish Dueck, Andrea Maldonado, Liza Finlay, Mel Stevenson, Liz Scanlon and Leslie Hardy (PE.New.PE6.1.240-PE6.1.249)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Maria Meindl, Cathy Young, Kimberly Robinson, Tony DiGiovanni, Tony Digiovanni and Paul Ronan, Patricia Soucie, Ray Price, Robert Soucie, Gabi Syberg-Olsen and Daniel Palmer (PE.New.PE6.1.250-PE6.1.259)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Iren Atkinson, Stephanie MacKendrick, Roberta Stimac, Heather Auld, Jonathan Eagan, Jennifer Volk, Ron Pushchak, Marita Hausmanis and Kevin Nelson (PE.New.PE6.1.260-PE6.1.269)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Anne Wheeler, Vanessa Ling Yu and Jeanny Gonzalez, Betty Pearson, Karen Buck, Lynn Miller, Pamela Robinson, Emma B, Tania Jivraj, Tracy Waddington and Jessica Russell (PE.New.PE6.1.270-PE6.1.279)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Joan Pletsch, Tisha Alam, Dan McDermott, Rebecca Weigand, Lorna Weigand, Alexis Da Silva Powell, Mark Hathaway, Janet Bartram-Thomas, Marc P. Kemerer and Kim Alke (PE.New.PE6.1.280-PE6.1.289)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Susan Horvath, Denis Macina, Karen Kraft Sloan, Angela Szeto, Darcy Higgins, Clariza Gonzales, Cecile Huxtable and Kim Koyama (PE.New.PE6.1.290-PE6.1.297)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Melanie Lam (forwarding a petition with580 names) and Kristen Howe (PE.New.PE6.1.298-PE6.1.299)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Grace Kingdang, Karen Kraft Sloan, Ron Weigan, Colin Lambert, Mathew Remski, Julia Deans, Klass Kraay, Patti Shaughnessy, Jennifer Law and Juleen Marchant (PE.New.PE6.1.300-PE6.1.309)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Sarah Greene, Shyra Rawson, Alexander Eastwood, Dr. Srinivas Murthy, Liz Green, Lorraine Tinsley, Indro Bhattacharyya, Saskia Wassing-Shepherd, Tracy Kett and Susan Goldberg (PE.New.PE6.1.310-PE6.1.319)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Jennifer Jolley, Rachel Climenhaga, Megan Norfolk, Sonja Persram, Jessica He, Amna Siddiqui, Sustainable Consulting Inc. for the David Suzuki Foundation, Ann Lambert, Sonja Perovic and Colin Lambert (PE.New.PE6.1.320-PE6.1.329)
(July 20, 2011) Multiple Communications from Tahsin Chowdhury, Liz Rice, Jim Girling, Jessica Dean, Daniel Kolpatzik, Marjorie Shu, Leila Ali, Sarah Jarrett, Mark Laird and Astrida Ezergailis (PE.New.PE6.1.330-PE6.1.339)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Maia Filar, Genevieve Light, Rita Bijons (PE.New.PE6.1.340-PE6.1.342)
(July 21, 2011) Submission from Rita Bijons (PE.New.PE6.1.343)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Miguel Avila, Ann Dembinski, President, CUPE Local 79, Liz Curran, Kenesha Dixon, Brenlee Robinson and Kristen Fahrig (PE.New.PE6.1.344-PE6.1.349)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Paddi-Anne Crossin, Valerie Sterling, Dewa Amini, Ron Ewart, Leslie Gooding, Natha SmithMiguel Avila, Tazrine Haque, Eti Greenberg and Debra Svicki (PE.New.PE6.1.350-PE6.1.359)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Colette Severin, Heather MarshallMargaret Procter, Tenley Conway, Mary T. Hynes, Tess Henwee submitting a petition with 57 signatures, Anthea Charles, Kady Cowan and Keith Anderson (PE.New.PE6.1.360-PE6.1.369)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Nancy Slamet, Karen Yukich, John Beebe, Eva Ligeti, Franz Hartmann, Tannis Kynoch,Tazrine Haque, Gabriella Kalapos and Daniel Vandervoort (PE.New.PE6.1.370-PE6.1.379)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Patricia Douglas and Jutta Mason (PE.New.PE6.1.380-PE6.1.381)
(July 21, 2011) E-mail from Dan Eldridge (PE.New.PE6.1.382)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Adam Scott, Amna Afreen, Paul Richard, Sheeba Arifeen, Martyna Krezel and Natasha Pirani (PE.New.PE6.1.383-PE6.1.388)
(July 21, 2011) E-mail from Kris Stevens (PE.New.PE6.1.389)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Matt Stata, Meka Jones, Susan Aaron, Richard Pietro and Jacquelyn Chua (PE.New.PE6.1.390-PE6.1.393)
(July 21, 2011) Multiple Communications from Petition dated July 15, 2011 from Riverdale Planning Committee re: Residents Against Closing Riverdale Farm filed on July 21, 2011 at the Special Core Services Parks and Environment Meeting containing approximately 6413 signatures, a copy of which is on file in the office of the City Clerk. (PE.New.PE6.1.394)


Lindsay Whitfield
Lorraine Johnson
Brenlee Robinson
Sarah-Jane Greenway
Andrea Dawber, GreenHere
Margaret Procter, Harbord Village Residents' Assn.
Jennifer Lalonde
Rita Bijons obo Bruce Hearns
Rita Bijons, Green 13, Green Awakening Network, Toronto Climate Campaign
Christine Bruce
Mary T. Hynes
Tenley Conway
Franz Hartmann, Executive Director, Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)
Heather Marshall, Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)
Emily Alfred, Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) (Submission Filed)
Karen Yukich, High Park Nature (Submission Filed)
John Beebe, Park People - Toronto Alliance for Better Parks (Submission Filed)
Eti Greenberg, People Parks and Also MVS
Gideon Forman, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Darcy Higgins, Executive Director, Food Forward
Anne Pastuszak, Riverdale Park West Improvement Planning Committee
Kristen Fahrig, MacGregor Park Art Club
John Simpson, Don Vale Cabbagetown Residence Association
Lee Matheson, Don Vale Cabbagetown Residents Association
Grant Worden
Tannis Kynoch
Eva Ligeti, Executive Director, Clean Air Partnership
Gabnella Kalapos, Clean Air Partnership
Sasha Rodrigues, on behalf of Amna Siddiqui
Josephine Grey, Low Income Families Together
Stewart Beak
Tazrine Haque
Avila Miguel, Latin American Tenant Association
Daniel Vandervoort, Graduate Students' Union, University of Toronto
Dave Hewitt, TECU CUPE Local 416
Paul Codd
Dan Eldridge, Chair, Riverdale Farm Advisory Council
Ken Wood
Meghan Patrica Jane Poultney, St. James Town - Green Thumbs Growing Kids
David Lapp, Manager, Engineer Canada Professional Practice
Amna Afreen
John Cartwright, Toronto and York Region Labour Council
Sheeba Arifeen
Marc Green, The Backyard Urban Farm Company
Lisa Green
Miro Wagner
Martyna Krezel
Janet McKay, LEAF
Judith Lipp, Executive Director, Trec Renewable Energy Co-operative
Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
Michael White
Arden Ryshpan
Natasha Pirani
Hibaq Gelle, Garden Coordinator
Laurie Simmonds, CEO, Green Living Enterprises
Matt Stata, Food & Water Institute (Submission Filed)
Charlotte Morgan
Jim Neff
Matthew Remski
Meredith Cochrane, EcoSpark
Maria Nunes, FoodShare, Toronto
Robert Tremblay, Insurance Bureau of Canada
Meka Jones
Richard Pietrocupa, Founder: Atticus Park
Dorothy Murray
Tim McGuire, CUPE Local 79
Susan Aaron
Paul Le Page
Lorna Wiegand, Middle Childhood Matters Coalition
Henry Faber
Lara Mrosovsky, Access Alliance Multi-Cultural Health and Community Service
Alex Antanaitis
Virginia Avilez

Meeting Sessions

Session Date Session Type Start Time End Time Public or Closed Session
2011-07-21 Morning 9:40 AM 12:32 PM Public
2011-07-21 Afternoon 1:44 PM 6:05 PM Public
2011-07-21 Evening 6:38 PM 11:10 PM Public


Members were present for some or all of the time period indicated.
Date and Time Quorum Members
9:40 AM - 12:32 PM
(Public Session)
Present Present: Michelle Berardinetti, Norman Kelly (Chair), Mary-Margaret McMahon, Ron Moeser, James Pasternak
Not Present: Raymond Cho
Also present (non-members): Councillor Bail„o Councillor Carroll Councillor Davis Councillor Doucette Councillor Fletcher Councillor Holyday Councillor Layton Councillor Vaughan
1:44 PM - 6:05 PM
(Public Session)
Present Present: Michelle Berardinetti, Norman Kelly (Chair), Mary-Margaret McMahon, Ron Moeser
Not Present: Raymond Cho, James Pasternak
Also present (non-members): Councillor Bail„o Councillor Carroll Councillor Colle Councillor Doucette Councillor Fletcher Councillor Fragedakis Councillor Holyday Councillor Layton Councillor Mihevc Councillor Perks Councillor Vaughan
6:38 PM - 11:10 PM
(Public Session)
Present Present: Michelle Berardinetti, Norman Kelly (Chair), Mary-Margaret McMahon, Ron Moeser
Not Present: Raymond Cho, James Pasternak
Also present (non-members): Councillor Carroll Councillor Davis Councillor Fletcher
Source: Toronto City Clerk at