City Council

Meeting No.:
33 (Special)
Marilyn Toft, Manager
Meeting Date:
Thursday, November 2, 2017

Start Time:
9:30 AM
Council Chamber, City Hall

The Agenda and related materials for this meeting are enclosed. The details of the meeting are noted at the top of the Agenda.


Members of Council and Staff: Please keep this agenda and the accompanying material until the City Council meeting dealing with these matters has ended. The City Clerk’s Office will not provide additional copies.


Notice to People Writing to Council: The City of Toronto Act, 2006 and the City of Toronto Municipal Code authorize the City of Toronto to collect any personal information in your communication or presentation to City Council or its committees.


The City collects this information to enable it to make informed decisions on the relevant issue(s). If you are submitting letters, faxes, e-mails, presentations or other communications to the City, you should be aware that your name and the fact that you communicated with the City will become part of the public record and will appear on the City’s website. The City will also make your communication and any personal information in it – such as your postal address, telephone number or e-mail address – available to the public, unless you expressly request the City to remove it.


The City video records Council, committee and community council meetings. If you make a presentation to a committee or community council, the City will be video recording you and City staff may make the video recordings available to the public. If you want to learn more about why and how the City collects your information, write to the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto ON M5H 2N2 or call 416-392-7032.


Closed Meeting Requirements: If Council wants to meet in closed session (privately), a member of Council must make a motion to do so and give the reason why Council has to meet privately (City of Toronto Act, 2006).


October 25, 2017

This agenda and any supplementary materials submitted to the City Clerk can be found online at Visit the website for access to all agendas, reports, decisions and minutes of City Council and its committees.


Routine Matters - Meeting 33

RM33.1 - Call to Order

Consideration Type:


- O Canada
- Moment of Silence
- Declarations of Interest under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Background Information

Condolence Motion for Ann Borooah
Condolence Motion for Father Cecil Zinger

RM33.2 - Petitions

Consideration Type:


Members of Council may file petitions.

RM33.3 - Presentations, Introductions and Announcements

Consideration Type:


Various presentations and announcements will be made at the City Council meeting.

RM33.4 - Review of the Order Paper

Consideration Type:


City Council will review the Order Paper.

Background Information

Order Paper November 2, 2017

City Council - Meeting 33

CC33.1 - Appointment to fill the vacancy in the Office of Councillor, Ward 28, Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Consideration Type:
The City Clerk has submitted a supplementary report on this Item (CC33.1a for information)

Communications CC33.1.1 to CC33.1.78 have been submitted on this Item.

Speaking Order - Ward 28 – Toronto Centre-Rosedale

  1. Murtaza Ebrahim - (has spoken)
  2. Samina Alim - (has spoken)
  3. Randall Pancer - (has spoken)
  4. Aftab Arif - (has spoken)
  5. John Porter - (has spoken)
  6. Roland Ollivier (has spoken)
  7. Kevin Clarke - (has spoken)
  8. Susan Gapka - (has spoken)
  9. Jonathan Hughes - (has spoken)
  10. Taras Rakchaev - (not present when called)
  11. Patrick Quealey - (has spoken)
  12. Alison Rose - (has spoken)
  13. Erik Rozenski - (has spoken)
  14. Ole Calderone - (has spoken)
  15. Rona Bailey - (not present when called)
  16. Brian Scholz - (has spoken)
  17. Louis Molnár - (has spoken)
  18. Eric Murphy - (has spoken)
  19. Masudur Laskar - (not present when called)
  20. Joel MacCallum - (has spoken)
  21. Kevin Vuong - (has spoken)
  22. John Kladitis - (has spoken)
  23. Sarah Khattab - (has spoken)
  24. Kimberley King - (has spoken)
  25. Michael Creek - (has spoken)
  26. Fenton Jagdeo - (has spoken)
  27. Lucy Troisi - (has spoken)
  28. Giulia Volpe - (has spoken)
  29. Robert Patrick Wright - (not present when called)
  30. Jonathan Callegher - (has spoken)
  31. Robert Thompson - (has spoken)

  32. Bill 1194 has been submitted on this Item.


(October 23, 2017) Report from the City Clerk


The City Clerk recommends that:  


1. City Council appoint a person from among the following persons who have signified in writing that they are legally qualified to hold the office of Councillor and have consented to accept the office if they are appointed to fill the vacancy of Councillor, Ward 28, Toronto Centre-Rosedale:


1.         Samina Alim

2.         Aftab Arif

3.         Rona Bailey

4.         Ryan Bissonnette

5.         Jonathan Callegher

6.         Ole Calderone

7.         Kevin Clarke

8.         Michael Creek

9.         Stephen Devine

10.       Murtaza Ebrahim

11.       Susan Gapka

12.       Jonathan Hughes

13.       Fenton Jagdeo

14.       Suzanne Kemper

15.       Sarah Khattab

16.       Kimberley King

17.       John Kladitis

18.       Masudur Laskar

19.       Joel MacCallum

20.       Faiza Malik

21.       Louis Molnár

22.       Eric Murphy

23.       Roland Ollivier

24.       Randall Pancer

25.       John Porter

26.       Patrick Quealey

27.       Taras Rakchaev

28.       Alison Rose

29.       Erik Rozenski

30.       Brian Scholz

31.       Jeeniraj Thevasagayam

32.       Robert Thompson

33.       Lucy Troisi

34.       Giulia Volpe

35.       Kevin Vuong

36.       Robert Patrick Wright


The purpose of this report is to appoint a qualified person to the office of Councillor, Ward 28, Toronto Centre-Rosedale.

Background Information

(October 23, 2017) Revised Report from the City Clerk on appointment to fill the vacancy in the Office of Councillor Ward 28, Toronto Centre-Rosedale and Attachment 1 and 2 (CC33.1)
(November 2, 2017) Letter from the City Clerk on Withdrawals of Candidacy for Appointment as Ward 28 Councillor (CC33.1a)
(November 2, 2017) Speaking Order as determined by lot


(October 17, 2017) Submission from Erik Rozenski (CC.Main.CC33.1.1)
(October 17, 2017) Submission from Samina Alim (CC.Main.CC33.1.2)
(October 18, 2017) Submission from Brian Scholz (CC.Main.CC33.1.3)
(October 19, 2017) Letter from Jim McConnell, Heather Ann McConnell and Madelyn McConnell (CC.Main.CC33.1.4)
(October 22, 2017) E-mail from Faiza Malik (CC.Main.CC33.1.5)
(October 16, 2017) Submission from Murtaza Ebrahim (CC.Main.CC33.1.6)
(October 20, 2017) Submission from Giulia Volpe (CC.Main.CC33.1.7)
(October 18, 2017) Submission from Louis Molnar (CC.Main.CC33.1.8)
(October 19, 2017) Submission from Jeeniraj Thevasagayam (CC.Main.CC33.1.9)
(October 20, 2017) Submission from Ole Calderone (CC.Main.CC33.1.10)
(October 20, 2017) Submission from Eric Murphy (CC.Main.CC33.1.11)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Joel MacCallum (CC.Main.CC33.1.12)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Rona Bailey (CC.Main.CC33.1.13)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Ryan Bissonnette (CC.Main.CC33.1.14)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Lucy Troisi (CC.Main.CC33.1.15)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Robert Patrick Wright (CC.Main.CC33.1.16)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Jon Callegher (CC.Main.CC33.1.17)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Patrick Quealey (CC.Main.CC33.1.18)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Stephen Devine (CC.Main.CC33.1.19)
(October 19, 2017) Submission from Michael Creek (CC.Main.CC33.1.20)
(October 23, 2017) Submission from Fenton Jagdeo (CC.Main.CC33.1.21)
(October 24, 2017) Submission from Susan Gapka (CC.Supp.CC33.1.22)
(October 26, 2017) E-mail from Paul Dowling (CC.Supp.CC33.1.23)
(October 25, 2017) E-mail from John Stapleton (CC.Supp.CC33.1.24)
(October 26, 2017) Letter from Scott McCammon (CC.Supp.CC33.1.25)
(October 26, 2017) E-mail from Rob Howarth (CC.Supp.CC33.1.26)
(October 19, 2017) Letter from Cynthia Wilkey (CC.Supp.CC33.1.27)
(October 27, 2017) E-mail from Frank McIntyre submitted on behalf of various persons (CC.Supp.CC33.1.28)
(October 25, 2017) E-mail from Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski (CC.Supp.CC33.1.29)
(October 26, 2017) Letter from Dennis Glasgow (CC.Supp.CC33.1.30)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Bill Freeman (CC.Supp.CC33.1.31)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Julie Beddoes (CC.Supp.CC33.1.32)
(October 29, 2017) Letter from Larry Webb (CC.Supp.CC33.1.33)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Barbara Klunder (CC.Supp.CC33.1.34)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from George Milbrandt (CC.Supp.CC33.1.35)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Lynn Robinson (CC.Supp.CC33.1.36)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from David Crawford (CC.Supp.CC33.1.37)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Ulla Colgrass (CC.Supp.CC33.1.38)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from David Smiley (CC.Supp.CC33.1.39)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Annette VanLeeuwen (CC.Supp.CC33.1.40)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Martin Mittelstaedt (CC.Supp.CC33.1.41)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Laura Cooper (CC.Supp.CC33.1.42)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Celia and Robert Rasmussen (CC.Supp.CC33.1.43)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Ellen Vera Allen (CC.Supp.CC33.1.44)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Barry Lipton (CC.Supp.CC33.1.45)
(October 29, 2017) Letter from Suzanne Kavanagh (CC.Supp.CC33.1.46)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from Allyson Woodrooffe (CC.Supp.CC33.1.47)
(October 29, 2017) E-mail from George and Anna Prodanou (CC.Supp.CC33.1.48)
(October 29, 2017) Letter from Barbara Hall (CC.Supp.CC33.1.49)
(October 30, 2017) E-mail from Brian Danniels (CC.Supp.CC33.1.50)
(October 30, 2017) E-mail from Carolyn Johnson (CC.Supp.CC33.1.51)
(October 30, 2017) E-mail from Frank McIntyre submitted on behalf of various persons (CC.Supp.CC33.1.52)
(October 30, 2017) E-mail from Nora McCabe and Joey Slinger (CC.Supp.CC33.1.53)
(October 30, 2017) E-mail from Sarah Miller (CC.Supp.CC33.1.54)
(October 30, 2017) Letter from Ceta Ramkhalawansingh (CC.Supp.CC33.1.55)
(October 30, 2017) E-mail from Klaus and Friedel Hatje (CC.Supp.CC33.1.56)
(October 29, 2017) Letter from Pam Mazza (CC.Supp.CC33.1.57)
(October 26, 2017) E-mail from Adriana Beemans (CC.Supp.CC33.1.58)
(October 25, 2017) E-mail from Jennefer Laidley (CC.Supp.CC33.1.59)
(October 31, 2017) Submission from Kimberley King (CC.Supp.CC33.1.60)
(October 26, 2017) E-mail from Cynthia Good (CC.Supp.CC33.1.61)
(October 31, 2017) E-mail from Teri McMahon (CC.Supp.CC33.1.62)
(October 31, 2017) Letter from Kapri Rabin, Executive Director, Street Health (CC.Supp.CC33.1.63)
(October 31, 2017) Letter from Peter Hoag and James Partanen, Co-Chairs of the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre Board (CC.Supp.CC33.1.64)
(November 1, 2017) E-mail from Carol Zoulalian (CC.Supp.CC33.1.65)
(November 1, 2017) Submission from Lucy Troisi (CC.Supp.CC33.1.66)
(November 1, 2017) Submission from Allison Rose (CC.Supp.CC33.1.67)
(November 1, 2017) E-mail from Frank McIntyre submitted on behalf of various persons (CC.Supp.CC33.1.68)
(November 1, 2017) Submission from Jonathan Hughes (CC.New.CC33.1.69)
(November 1, 2017) Submission from Samina Alim (CC.New.CC33.1.70)
(November 1, 2017) Submission from Lucy Troisi (CC.New.CC33.1.71)
(November 1, 2017) Submission from Tom Rawding - form letters (CC.New.CC33.1.72)
(November 2, 2017) Submission from Kevin Clarke (CC.New.CC33.1.73)
(November 2, 2017) Submission from Susan Gapka (CC.New.CC33.1.74)
(November 2, 2017) Submission from Aftab Arif (CC.New.CC33.1.75)
(November 2, 2017) Submission from Alison Rose (CC.New.CC33.1.76)
(November 2, 2017) Submission from Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21 St. Paul's (CC.New.CC33.1.77)
(November 2, 2017) Petition from Joel MacCallum (CC.New.CC31.1.78)

Bills and By-laws - Meeting 33

BL33.1 - Introduction and Enactment of a General Bill and a Confirming Bill

Consideration Type:


City Council will introduce and enact a General By-law to confirm the appointment of a Councillor for Ward 28, Toronto Centre-Rosedale and a Confirming By-law to confirm the proceedings of this special meeting.

Background Information

(November 3, 2017) By-law Index for November 2, 2017 Special City Council meeting
Source: Toronto City Clerk at